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maandag 27 februari 2012


Bij dé Fake zwevers ván wanttoknow Mag Men Niét Òver Òorzáken Ván Alle Problemen Hébben de banksters. Enkel maar hoehoe zwééfzwééf safe.Dé Zó Veélste Fake bevrijder verlichter. Àls velen enkel óver  wát personen hébben Én niét Òver Duidelijk Aanwezige Criminele mafia organisaties Áls de joodse en semitische staats en religié mafia Die Ons uitvréten Én Misbruiken óp Àllérgróotste scháál.

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26 februari 2012 om 15:11

ALL politicál movements or orgs are setup by banksters who also brought religions as prédecessórs of all these streams and ways.Banksters aka ex faraos aka askanazi aka ancestors of kublai khan aka known Since 600 years by stolen Name “jews.

Laying a stream …Any politics in fascistways up on a People ” humiliates criminálises make Them the “bád one” and THÈ enemy ÒR the “atheist whát gives an excuse to setup believers against Them an rob and rape All Their Posessions Children and Góod Luck away. Keeping the Populations “untérmenschen crooks criminals al the time and have Them pay anyway anyhow.

Politics even laws religions democracy brought and layed upon Us by commiebanksterjews as some of the “hundréd of weapons and racial weapons to exterminate and plundér and lóot People and Races meanwhile anihilating Races with Races in endless racial hate&revengeseedings where the jewish hateseederrabbi and serial Child&Baby rapemaster also come IN major Worldwide. Rabbis who are formed and raised by the banksterkastes with monarchprogrammings to plundér and anihilate the World and Mankind.

Èven ALL politicál agenda problem issue IS FAKE & MADE and layed upon Us to anihilate plundér & lóót Us in the mean time kéép Us enslaved by neccesities Poorness and guilt or bills.

Befór they came We even had NO deseases violences rapes Fears wars politics or lack We Had GOD. We Were Happy

Thank You

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