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woensdag 22 februari 2012

 Juli 2009 Report to FBI
 Below is the text of the Mail I sent to the FBI  in midst Juli 2009About anual mass Child rapes tortures Brainwashes poisonings and druggings at schools churches campweeks schooltrips mansions by jews male&female and by collaborating semites and of both their rabbis politicians bankers people elite in on it


It also is Adviced to Download Any Information of Importance , because the israelites do have multiple  World wide networks and power and influence ! Some from that You would never Guess it is , and are making all Evidence and Knowledge about israelites disappear , including the Sourches and Witnesses when they can !
And they often can !
Also avigdor lieberman , an israelian terrorist , added in 2009 to it by World wide setting up an israelian crime ring that attacks  Citizens in Every Nation  by any means ,  for most in the media and on the Internet , to oblitterate the Thruth , to lie to Us with fake Information , threats , violent and accusing comments  and journalism , by sabotage like disturbing Communication and intruding or hacking Connections to insert threats , like the amerikan defence legue does …an other evil work , by destroying Information where they can and how they can !

In every Nation many People disappear without a Trace ,  by crimes the israelites commit against Our People and Children ! These Victims are Supposed to be Witnesses and Victims of jewcrimes , or Opposition ! In Holland more than 1500 People a year disappear without a trace ! 1200 Children a year Dissapear  without  a Trace , also supposed to taken by jews for the Childporn industry abroad ,  israel  , the afrikan partners and the semites , with whom they already any way work closely together in mass Cild abuses at elementaries and the international drug and Human trafficings , and for Own lusts and evil !
In the USA 890.000 People a year Dissapear by now ,  2009 , 400.000 of Them are Children !
They also do rob Women , Girls , Boys from Russia and Ukraine , Hostages for slavelabour in israel !
When a Research  for All Other Nations would be Added , the Numbers Would be Incredible as Prove of  Our Highly Evolved , High Tech stupidness not to Notice this evil , and it Seems , not Able to Fight it !
Or are ” other ” causes to blame for That ?
See for one Example the Belgian jew dutroux Case , how they are infesting lawsystems  , governments , state and institutions ! From there they do commit as a World wide organisation  the  worst crimes in World wide collaboration !
In Dutch government the jews did have a billionbuziness mass import of drugs from within government , that will not be unique !


This is Dangerous Information , and You can not Talk to Any Body about it just like that , it can damage Your Life and Family !  Be sure no jew or islamic semite is involved , including their Children ! Do not brag about it , and when You do Communicate about it , always try to be as Anonymous as Possible !
Especial for policeforces , secret services and governments !
That is where jews hide !

They do kill from within local governments and institutes , so do have all advantages at their side against You , including technology , the law and politics !
For example they , hirsch ballin and donner from the justice department in Holland / the Netherlands killed Ayaan Hirsi Ali , the USA feinstein jews did the job for the dutch jewgroup !
So , also international they do control the Nations !

That way the dutch group , doctors van leeuwen , a superpg overhere , ruud lubbers the leader of the dutch jewgroup since 1968 and above Mentioned ones organised the WTC terror attack in Holland for the USA group !

They “formed ” (Mindfucked) the Victims that did fly the Planes at the technical university of Eindhoven in 1992 already , one year after they outlawed the Dutch People and started a terroriststate and government !

This ways israelites work together Worldwide to hoax and Mindfuck whole Nations again and again !
So be Carefull

About New Jersey jews , mass Child abuse and extermination of Mankind and terrorism.

Hello , Can You Please garantuee a Perfect jew Free and Safe Connection?
Because it is Assumable that after I give You Info on jews , all jews will be Your , Mine they already are , deadly ememies. This will include enemies like israel,the mossad , Your jewisch secretary , the jewisch cleaner , the jewisch officer , the jewish schoolteacher , and Your jewisch collegue and superior. All  jews , especial important jews will be dangerous , including the feinsteins and leaders of jewisch Origine in Your and Every other Government in he World , and half breeds with a jewisch mother , the Core of jewisch terrorism agains all People of the World , with intent to wipe out Mankind except their own race.

They expand and kolonise by name of the mother , so no Investigator , Security Agency , Scientist ( science , also jewinfested for about 100 years now ) , Will Detect genocide , and taking over more and more in every Nation of the World. There are a whole lot more jews in Your Country as You can Detect by official numbers , That are , what a coincidence , kept by jews .

Make absolutely Sure no jew is connected to , or has power to threaten the Investigation of the New Jersey jew crimes.
It also means jews in Your Own Branch , Secret Service , NSA , Police.
Assume , it already is anyway , even the mossad is Your enemy now ,it always was , but You did not know that.
Be aware of the very big danger , they will try to corrupt You by sending You Children to have sex with You , by raping or killing your family and children.
They are capable of making Your Own Child , Your Wife an enemy that will damage , even kill You. It happened to Me several times that jews treatened Loved Ones to kill both of Us into giving Me drugs , so they could rape and torture Me and My Woman , take photos and take Me out for Years , this multiple times.

A added Problem is the massive use of heroin / ghb mixes when assaulting a Victim or  a Child !
 That ususally gives amnesia also , so all together big time problems for the Victim !
They do this with any President , Judge , Politician , Person they want.
Israelites have this knowlegde for ages,how to do this.

I advise very strongly to keep any name and adres,identity,family and especially their Children Secret of any investigator on any


Make sure Your Kids do not have Jews on school,or in the Family,or You or coworker are in Danger.
Do not let Your Family in on Your work,not even Your Wife.

If You Arrest Jews at a school,you also have to Arrest the family and the clan,they always cooperate in any crime.They all work

together in committing crimes,and will attack you anyway they can to get the clanmembers out of you hands.
They kill Judges and Presidents for their sake.

They do not hesitate to Rape Rice when She visits Israel.After that She defended,did not condemn the Genocide committed by the

This is how a Person,a Child,but also a human of any age behaves when raped by Jews,they brainwash.

They did that with several Politicians all over the World,and they all defended,at least sabotaged, every opinion about the Israelite

action agains ,this time,the Palestines.
Here the politician VVD van Baalen was one of their most intrusive Tools to destroy all opinions against the crimes.

They have ,or themselves directly present ,puppets in every political party,not only this Country,but I bet even in Irak already.
One of the examples they did here ,was let an important Jew in the PvdA shout very agressively on television”We have to take Care of

the Foreigners”.How about us,there was no word.
This way sabotaging every intrest in choosing the PvdA.
Nobody in his Country offended and raped on a daily basis by Semites and like,for more than 40Years now

wants an onlypro Foreignerparty.

Result of this and other crimes,all votes went to the CDA.The HeadjewCastle in the politic arena of this Country.
The CDA makes all people go to the CDA by manipulating and performing crimes agains the people and opponents.
By Terrorising the Democracy for decades with Manipulation,Social and Economic unrest and doommessages,creating most of it
themselves,helped by the old powers who want power back,so Democracy had no change,they made it a Hell of Fear and unsecurity.

Make life for other politicians impossible,with badmouthings,suspicions,uccusations,

blackmail,by letting spy on them by the Jews in the
secret services and slander them with the material.Like Pim Fortuyn happened.
It is a party/crimeorg. that is related and connected to the Church,the State,the Justicsystem,

people of the law,higher educated ones etc.
Those People are luered,ilicited into voting for this party.
This way taking all the powers in the Country in Jewhand.

Is it maby a coincidence that in any Western Country,the Political Parties Ruled by Jews came to Power at about the same time?
This makes,as it is now again,the People of this Country again and more defenceless,unprotected against each crime they commit.
In 1991 the Lawmakers,Judges,EersteKamer,did distantiate themselfes in Secret from the People,

to give the Industry more opportunity.

I shall translate in understandable language….they said in fact to the Industry,

get them,rob their Money how and whenever you can,we
will defend you.Actively ordering,elicit and protecting the Crimes.So are a Criminal organisation.
And since 1991 they did indeed  rob our money,let us pay far more for less.

Sold,called it privatisation of ,StateProperty, all that belonged to the People,nobody saw a Penny of that yet.

I My Self was laughed at in My Face by storeowners and landlords…If you dont agree with what we do to You..You should take a
laywer,they laughed…knowing Nobody in the Country was able to pay for a laywer anymore,

or able to pay the random threat they always use,
the danger to have to pay for the opponenent and jugdesystem aswell,
if you do not want to have your Children in a
governmentcarehome.We all know what happens there.

They will be raped and prostituted and wander along the streets as some of My Nefjes happened.

So the numbers of criminal acts against people went beserk.

And they got more and more silent,nowhere to flee.Wanting to keep their
Jobs,their roof over the Head,and the Children.
Say Anything no more if You want to Keep Your Jobs.
Say Anything No More or we wil call You a right wingradical and let justice loose on You.

Then it happens in a Lawless Country where People are robbed,lyed to,

threatened ,committed crimes against on a daily basis,nowhere to
go for Protection,even more because the jews stil are raping ,

setting up and brainwashing the Children,that goes on either way,that
they start to sputter,also their Children are becoming angry more and more,and not knowing who exactly does it,start also become sputtering people,who say something sometimes.
Then the mass Child raper minister donner from justice department,elicits(tow?)

rouwvoet from the christenunie in his evil plans and starts with him together threaten the People even more,with terms like addressing Parents,they must be bad,because the Children start to Say Sometimes Something.
This way directly making the Parents abuse their Children even more to be silent,because every Parent in the Western society knows what evil states and governments do,since the jews have control over Us.

This is an act of Terror,the jews use all the time, through many Generations now

to grow hate and unrest.Everywhere in the World.

For example the People of Palestina are shot at when They do Their Dayly Things.
Like Getting Water ,soon the Parents were too afraid to get it,then the Children Said after some Days they then would get it.
And then they were shot at,some dyed of it.
So Yes a Child grows up in anger,but opposite to Our Children They Immediately Knew who was the big swine in Their Lives.

When They Start to Throw Stones,Yes sorry They have no warheads,then israel wil make sure each time the World wil see that.
The Palestines are Very Afraid the Eyes of the World turn away,everytimes They Do,israel starts shooting and harassing again.

We in the Western World do not have the luxury of knowing who does what and why.We see only the ones who are ignorant of what they realy are helping against Own People , Flesh and Blood , and why,like governments,the state and foreigners.
Nobody is able to see the crimes of the Israelites in the Western World.
They work sneaky in the background and let Others do the crime for them , for some crimes it takes 30 Years to Learn too See that they did or do it,why..and how , and what the results are .this goes for ignorant collaborators also !

Look for Example at the Bookpage , how they use decades to fulfill a terrible plan of robbing All Possesions from Nations,
by using bankingsystems and manipulation !

Mostly for the purpose of Power,Money and Lust,and We kicking Eachother the Heads in,blaming for what jews did to Us.
The Western World can not realise it seems we are only puppets in an

Worldwide ShadowGovernment and the Israelites are in Control from in the beginning.

A short wile ago even a statesecretary shouted”if they cant pay it anymore,they should go get to be whores”
He some years earlier shouted on tv,Disabled People were a bunch of posers.He ,one of them who personally is one of the major causes of disabbility in the Country.

The same made his appearance in the “tweede kamer”a while ago,pushing nuklear power again.

It is however a dark reality that since 1991 …….as one of the consequenses,we do have at least 5 TV channels now,

where young ones sell their bodies.Mostly the Children get appointed for this kind of work by the Jews at lower schoolage,straight from school to the whorehouses.

This is the level what the Country is led by,straight down the drain,as it always was,since the jews arrived a very long time ago.
This Country is ,and the victory of the CDA helped it a lot,completely in the hands of jews now.
One can not even pick up the phone,or having troubles with any industry or government or a jew takes over the Problem…Then You are..and that is as Me once and a while happens…end of the story,and dead in the water.

Everywhere I look now I See jewisch judges,jewisch government,jewisch faces all over on tv almost every second picture…Worldwide…is a jew,jewtalk or on behalve of jews,or information by jews.

In 1995 the minister hoogervorst did order his servants/officials,taxservants/officials also,to not be allowed to help Us anymore.
That was again an terroristattack using the government and servants/offficials against Own People.
One of the results,next to nervous breakdowns was Last Year the taxservice ordered the People,900.000 victims to pay by force.
Almost all lower Incomeclass People,Who Own or rather Owned a House.

The Lower Incomeclass Who happened to Own a House,in this Country a nearly impossible luxury,because of

the always existent sabotage through laws,rules and opposition.One has to pay Himself to Death for a House,no matter if you rent or buy.This is one of the more modern forms of slavery the jews lay on Our People.
Since last Year the number of Houses for sale tripled at least.
I Blame the governmentconspiracy and all who took part in it as the purpetrators since 1991,as the one and only main cause of it.
Jews by force of Government are terrorising ,not only this but every western Country into reccesion.

One of the very sneaky crimes,is to lie with numbers ,created on purpose, to the People.
I Assume You can find examples like it in Your Own Country aswel.

Since 1991 industry,institutes,insurances,banks,Employers,Governments, robbed Us blind,governments terrorised Us daily with pushings to pay more and more expensive bills,changing and destabilising Out Lifes as We Knew it.Institutes We knew for Years disapeared,one had to search if something like it existed again or not,in one or other form or so,not helped by governments of course.So fear ,confusion all over the place.They did this multiple times through any channel.

These are terroristways to rape,supress and plunder a Country.
I have to Note when I talk about rape,I talk about more than putting
a Dick Somewhere it does not belong ,or is not invited to do so.

There are more forms of rape than One can Imagine.
Threaten to boycot,kill or attack a Child,Person,a Nation when it does not comply,Can be Defined as Rape/Terrorism when the Victim breaks.
Breaking Bones,put to starvation to make docile,if succesfull is rape/murder/terrorism.
Drugging and brainwashing a Child,Person,a Nation ,if succesfull,is a rape/terrorism.
Altering a way of Life of a Child,a Person,a Nation,without Memory of the Victim,is rape/terrorism/crime.
Taking away the Ability to Choose,and leave only that what is offered,like a democratic system or a work You to DeathFuture is rape/terrorism/slavery/crime.
Making Nations so poor They Live on the brink of destruction and do everything you tell Them to,is rape,is terrorism.

Lying to a Nation to make Them take out the wrong enemies,is rape/terrorism/crime.
Makes World at War for ever.

Rape is a thing You could Call….You do not do what You Want,but You do as i want!
You do not donate to me out of Love or because You like me,but i take from You whatever I want,when I want,and keep Your Mouth shut
At the time whole Nations,in the Western Region,are taken hostage by these kind of jews.
And sure they shut us up.

Seem to be mostly jews of the type ashkemnazi who do his !

Rape is only present in Societies where slavery is present.
Everywhere there is slavery or has been,You can also expect Childrape.

Everywhere the tribe of the israelites is present or ever has been,You can expect to Find rape,slavery,Child rape,supression and rape by Parents who want their Child to Survive the civilisation and the leaders,and any criminal activity You are so used to,any voilence about nothing You are so used to.Especial present though are raping and supressing servants/officials,governments ,kingdoms and other forms of religion , law and leadership.
Israelites usually use them as collaborator,as scapegoat,for the blame.
Especial not present however anymore People with the Ability to love Eachother or their Children anymore.
Everybody becomes an expendable kind of Bum to Anybody.Only lives to serve anybody not important,or insane goals,but not the Loved One.
One is not loved anymore for plain being there,but only for usability,like the bright Son at school.

But that is no love.That is status.
When People lose Love ,they lose intrest,commitment.

Jews know this,and have made it one of their most strong weapons against Us.

Even primitive called Tribes who happen to have things that go by the names like Initialisationrituals at Kids at Birth and/or in
their Puberty,like the western churchsystems, are based only on rape,Child rape and slavery.
These civilisations happen also to go down at the end because of endless Wars and Violence.
 lot of them are only remembered in the Historybooks.

Nobody knows anymore the Northern Region of the World was once filled with many thousands of litle tribes ,communities and
Clans,without warheads,without armies,as before that ,the Southern Region of the World also was.

The jews are the only ones who survive this,because when shit happens the ones who know what is coming are already abroad.
Leaving behind the jews in the lower classes,that makes them extra special willing soldiers and terrorists afterwards,like after second Worldwar any way .

Universities with their initiationrituals are letting the Young Ones go through a jewisch Child raperitual,mostly with jews present as the leaders in it.These more symbolic rituals however are as damaging as a real Brainwashing jew rapecrime against Babies and Children.
Because they do this to Nations for more than 2800 Years now.All are infested with one jewrape Brainwash after the other,they ad to it also in every generation according to their needs.
Symbolic figures and actions only are needed after the jews have raped the Children and People of a Country.

The splattering of Water for instance,churches use to splatter on the Face of a just born Child,associates with oral rape,ejaculating in the face,and also with drowning.This symbol is powerfull,it can have Lifethreatening messages,like “You do not belong to us” untill we say so.
Then at age 12 or so the Young one gets an other ritual ,so now belonging and allowed to come and join.
In between,the jews with abuse of the schoolsystems and other institutes like state,government and religions will rape,Brain wash,abuse  and  influence the Child for Years.
This splattering is as damaging as a real rape with goals to reject.All Adults and Children Who Watch this,who are already raped,also orally,drowned in bathtubs and buckets will because of this action reject the Child totally,out of fear of death,except the body of the Baby they take care of.Any Human need of the Baby will be rejected out of fear of the jews and their religions they gave us.

Jews use this to completely can absorb all Human Feelings of the Child as soon it enters school,they start to poison the Child with hatetalk against Own Parents,Own Race.poison with biblestories,wherein they are the hero against bad Human Race.
After jews forced Nations to reject Their Children,it is easy for a jew ,a foreigner or other kind of crimelord,to steal and hoax the Love of the Young One.
Jews are always the first in it to get to the Children and Babys,after that they leave Them to the foreigners and other bums like,and this happens a lot, Whore houses and sexservices.

Jews leave foreigners in on the rapes to let them help and collaborate during and later on also,against the Bad White Race.
Also to set up the Child against anything foreign,full of hate and feelings of revenge.
So any Nation is always in a state of wanting to kill anyone coming from outside,only waiting for a change.That is mostly dependable on
changes,and needs of the jews,who manipulate the hate they let us live in.They manipulate Us,but also the foreigner.

Jews by force of government are terrorising ,not only this but every western Country into reccesion.
Since 1991 Society is outlawed.

Any compagnie was allowed to plunder Us,Banks,instites,states and governments plundered,threatened and terrorised along with them.
Also terrorised with govermental savingplan after savingplan.

That they do for about 25 years already any way , in Fact longer , as I Remember , when a Little Boy of 5 Years of age
already the terror of  “saving heatingfuel” by closing Curtains and put on a Sweater !

The next thing they did was raising the prices , les for more it seems!
This was 46 years ago!

As result of this the crimelobby,ask Frits Bolkestein or any Jew at his level for details,Could report a huge amount of profit the past one or two Years,because they were allowed to grab into Our Pockets as far as they could.

The two Yaers after that were ..of course…a bit lower…Our pockets were empty.

Then an extremely genius bunch takes these numbers and shouts at the World We are in reccesion.

This to even,take again more Money out of Our Pockets,to put Us again closer to the abyss .
To take even more cut Us down measures again.To gain again the right again to rob our defences and rights again.
They did this in more than one way again and again.

And also it happened that the recession also only started when this was said over and over again,only after that the politicians,here ,CDA, came “with  proof  ? based on above setting”now we really officially have recession.

Then and only then the industry also came with bothering numbers,Weeks and Months after some bright dude mentioned it should be recession now.Industry started to let people go,people began to hold on possesions.
Yes of course that will give lower numbers.

This is a artificial recession,manmade on purpose to plunder Us even more.
Terrorising by boycot ,theft,robbery and poorness is a jewweapon since many centuries.
It destabilises and makes defenceless.A Person,a Family,a Nation.

Also they did this with terrorismalarm,a fat jew ” doctors van leeuwen ” of the national securiy bvd (now aivd ) here shouted many years ago as cold war ended,you can not cut down on us,the islamterrorism is coming.Huh…what???,..We said.
Strangely We did up then have Said nothing like cutting down or so,only the jews who anyway rule can have mentioned that.
They terrorise the People ,servants/officials and democracy from the beginning with these kind of manipulations.
This time to make servants/officials frightened and angry the same time,they made servants hate Us,to start the castle of the cda to become headmonkey .This way they
started to ilicit ,tow any power in the Country on their side.

It took terrorism as We expected it by their saying many yaers to come,most of it selfproduced by jews here,imported by themselves ,starting in the sixties,way before any mentioning about terrorism,and also on the lower schoolage alraedy made full of rage against Us,by these same jews,by means of torture,brainwash and rape.
As they do with Our Children aswell.
Jews always already committed the terrorism themselves in the Nations,for many hundreds of Years now.

Of course such a FatJew(doctors van leeuwen) head of national security(BVD back then) is the best futureteller there can be found.They produce the problems We will have in the future straight in the Brains of Our and Other Nations Children.

Ask these jews what they Brain washed Our Children with,and We Ourselfs can also Predict the future.
But better to deprogram and help Our Children,and let the jews be for the international antiterror brigades.

Also I believe jews Worldwide start to scream such warnings after they invented a new plan of power,suppresion and income.
They do this for centuries,and luered Us into religious wars for centuries already.
Also about terrorism,about reccesion,about who is the bad Nation this time.About what the future will bring.
About who did what,like terrorism.
When jews throw a bomb here they blame some semites far away.When they kill a semite,the whites always did it.
Jews are experts in letting an Other having the blame for their actions.

Taxservices did more than once sabotaged the taxforms People and industry sent them,by just delete it Nationwide on their computers, afterwards it was Said a wrong codec ,but any expert would hve found that within minutes , even My Computer Says Sorry when a wrong codec , that Immediately , but stil they blamed the People,and let Them pay extra for something the government did on purpose.
The servants/officials threatened,lyed,were agresive,abusive,were openly hostile at phone and in person,and humiliated,sabotaged !
This happened a lot more to Me than once.

The government is,especially since 1991 again,buzy with an offence against Own People.Making Us afraid on a daily basis,making Us more poor over and over again,taking all protection by law and policeenforcement away.

For instance,police in the big Cities is not allowed to take measures against crimes committed by foreigners in the neighbourhoods,this

goes for more than 30 Years now.Result…about 99% of the streetcrimes is committed by Foreigners.
And as I know from own experience ,100% of rapings to Children and Young ones is also committed by Foreigners.
The foreigners rape in huge numbers,but victims keep silent,because they have to be afraid of among others,police aswell.
The Children are set up by the Jews during beeing raped at lower schoolage to be Frigtened to death when telling anyone aswell.
The Childrape percentage by Jews,Israelites is 100% aswell.

The raperate in all the Western World is 100%,nobody escapes because the Jews are in Charge everywhere,because of the systematic and

wellplanned way they organise it with use of the systems,institutes and Schools.

Already 45 Years ago I was plucket from the street on age 5,and raped and brainwashed by a Semite to fight against own people “unholy

dogs”who hurted the Semites, aparently.
Nothing has changed ,I witnessed Children in My current neighbourhood being raped en masse,by Jews and Foreigners,most multiple times.

Where I live now since 2001,Ive been raped about 6 times,sometimes for days.
By Jews,these have the habit of calling in all their jewclan to join.
When done they ordered some to bring me home,there they let every foreigner in the neighbourhood in my house,keeping me drugged for two


They,the international Jewcultus,call themselfes Israelites nowadays, raped and brainwashed people for decades now,only speaking

aferwar time here.

We all had to sing “hava naguilja” ,didnt we?
Poisoning us with beliefes humankind is bad people,always hurting and hunting the poor Jews,who only want to have freedom and peace

didnt we?
Making all us as Children outrageous against own flesh and blood.

At age 3 Jews were already poisoning the minds of my class with biblestories where in they claimed to be the marturer,the good one,the

hero and The only one who always fought the bad people,my people,my father and mother.I had to join,my class also.
So there we stood on the roof of a high Schoolbuilding in line,blackmailing us to give ourselfs for the fight against the bad people,or

we would be thrown of the roof.3 Year olds.

They have any Leader in every Country in the Pocket as their whore and collaborator.
The Leaders they could not handle,like Pim Fortuyn,Hitler,J F Kennedy they organise alway these wil be shot,killed,blamed,made

suspious,bad person or blackmailed with Childprostitution or other means,like Joop den Uyl happened,he was to be shot like Fortuyn and

Kennedy and many others,but it happened they only,but more than enough,could blackmail him with Childprostition, and therefore his

people,his Country also.They plundered our brains out.

For the killings this way ,they usually use”grazy people”,so these are described.But in fact these are just ,By Jews ,Raped and

brainwashed Kids ,like Volkert van der Graaf and the bloke around Kennedy.

Killings this way are always Jewhits,they also happen to and preferably use Children to kill from within an Childabusesituation.
This way even the police will withhold information about what happened really.

In about 1967 I was used to kill a Judge here in Holland.He worked on a case of Childmurder by the later Minister President van Agt.
Mister van Agt himself first went to the Judge at his homeadres,found and delivered by Jewcolleges at the policeforce.
The Judge was surprised and shouted that it was not allowed for him to be here talking to the judge.
So Mr van Agt went away,after he had put a gun between the pillows of the couch he sat on,before he came to speak with the Judge.

I was put out on the street near the house of the Judge,and met him when he walked home from somewhere.
On his question what I was doing here ,I said my father was mad at me and had thrown me out of the car.
And that I was a Childprostitute who did that for a living,costing 35 guldens.
The Judge took me home did his thing,after I recieved his sperm I went to the Couch,grabbed the gun and shot him in the chest.
Where the Jews had tought me to aim when shooting.

An other man in the house ,came alarmed by the shot,I treatened him to shoot him,or he could fuck me,take the gun and say it was a

He did the last,because of fear of guilt, of blame ,shame and of severe lust,4 major componenents a victim has to face when Jews commit

crime against them with use of Children ,after that I could leave.
It was reported as a Burglary.

In the Months before they started the killings of the Palestines,they used the instruments of Governments not only in Your Country,but

all over the World to repress,so called,anti Israelite Mouths,they use to name it fighting racism or so.
Using our own Governments and People for it,oeps.

They ,the Jews,learned us at lower schoolage to call everybody who says anything about Jews a Racist,anti semite,pedofile,homofile ,bad

people ,even accusing of Childrape or radical,rightwing radical.This is to shut down any witness of crimes commited by Jews and also

make us anti-us,anti ourselfs.

These brainwashings and tortures also will isolate the Child beyond al help.
So the whole World was silent very fast.Because They,the Jews,mentioned these words very often,before and after the attacks agains the

Palestines using the Worldmedia.

When I was a litle Kid and the Jews
were raping our school for a week,they had severe trouble it seems, to let me do what they wanted.
They did make my Mother come and help them against Me.Treatening her to take out Me,Her and Her Family if She did not obey.
Jews have that kind of power when a Family,as Mine,is in their hands for Generations.This goes for a Nation also.
One of the tortures She had to perform on Me,was draughning Me in a Bathtub while the other Children had to watch It.
she droughned Me while saying to the Kids”he said something about the Jews.
The Kids thought as one soul”We wil ever never better say anything about Jews,and turned away.
These Kids are now my nation,my people,and they still are silent.

This is one of the many Tortures they do to a Kid when raping and brainwashing,it shuts up whole Nations for ever ,everywhere a Jew is

,or even ever has been.

They learn the Words to Your Children while they are raping them at lower schoolage all over the World.With extremely abusive torture

and Brainwash,all proisraelite of course.

That is the one and only reason why Your and Our Children are hostile,drugaddict,starting to rape themselves too and shoot each other

through the Heads.Commit suicide etc……etc…….etc.Always full of hidden and sabotaging and disrupting behavior or when they get

away with it, open hate and violence.

Open hate usually when hurt someone,hidden when frigtened,sabotaging etc.Of course not the Jews,their Secret Man or Woman,they are

Secretly Married to,We all get a Marriageritual with Jews during the rapes,be aware of the dangers of it,it works like a charm.

For instance when an high servant is standing next to a Jew,this can give a secret kind of poisoned thrust and closeness,the own flesh

and blood,the own people,family,parents etc get to pay the bill for this.Because the Servant has got feelings of together with the Jew

fighting the “bad people”.Even forgetting he or she has got an family out there.

Israelites are making Your Children all over the World Hostile and abusive agains own Flesh and Blood,and pro Israelite.
This is Terrorism of the worst kind.In fact extermination of Mankind.

After that,the latest killings of the Palestines, only Jews where talking on Television for Weeks.
In fact,the Jews were the only ones that demonstrated against anyone who wanted to condemn the Killings,in all the Streets,Worldwide.
They could have been at rest about this,we usually do not say so much anymore after our Childhood with Jews in our Lifes.
besides that,in the Months before they cleaned out all Mouths with Stateviolence against Citizens of every Western Country.

Be aware of the fact that every school in Your Country and all other Schools in every other Country all over the World,this goes for

Governments too,especial Governments,is infested with Jewisch Man and Woman.To rape,control and Brainwash You and Your Kids.
The Media also,serves their plans.They continually form our Pictures of Mankind and the World,through Media.
Who does not know the every Year repeated pictureforming about the Jews themselves,by themselves?
For 70 Years now they tell us over and over again someone scratched them maby sometime.
And how bad we all are?
The Tears of a Jew are the most expensive tears Mankind has ever seen.

Jews actually using the Words they learned us during the rapes about every day,so every Nation is very manipulable,and can get trown in

War,recession or Genocides easily,Jews do this in fact all the time.

This for example is why even Countries can not Live their Lives in Peace.
Why all Warheads still make no peace.Why Warheads exist et all.
Easy,Jews simply walk by the Warheads with a Friendly smile ,while You are searching the Air for Enemies,and will make of Your Child a

Warmonger,your enemy,a copyjew.Identity will completely washed away and replaced by Jewwork and a Jewidentity in disguise.
This is why Earth is called Hell by every Child in the World.

An other example of their Power is the fact they Dictated the US Government to retreat in the first Golfwar.
This was after they urged the Irakipeople to stand up agains Sadam.A multiple of Thousands of Deaths followed by this Crime.And the

Hate of the Irakipeople for ever towards the Western World.And Israel again still the only Friend in the Middle East.Kiss kiss.

A Child can understand when allieds had freed Irakis the first time,we would have had a Friend for ever.
Now We have an ememy for ever and for sure Terrorismmaterial for Centuries to come.
Jews will make sure of that.
Also,because they want to be the only Friend of the Western World in the Middle East.In fact they want to be the only friend anybody in

the whole World has got.They do it to the Kids also.
They do everything,anyway to addict us to them.From rape,brainwash,hypnotic suggestions,drugs,poorness,crimes,blackmail,threaths ,be

the employer etc….etc.To Children,but also to Nations.

Be aware of the Fact the Jews do not take and get blame for these Crimes,but the Western World will be made guilty of it,the Jews will

help that picture for sure.
At the same time they,the Jews ,make themselves Friends of Our new enemies and take control and profit.
I bet they are already there and raping,brainwashing the Leaders, and the Children asap they can.They will be in control,again,of an

other Nation,not the US,not the Allieds,not the people themselfes,but the Jews.
To let the Irakipeople stand up and let them be killed by Sadam had an other advantage for the Jews,wipe out any resistance the Iraki

had left,and could have against Jews coming taking control,by rape,torture and corruption.
Because who stands up to Sadam would for sure stand up against Israelites.

Because if a Jew sees someone stand up,it is an unwanted Human,not accepted in Jewpowerstructures.

They use this plan all the time,in fact for thousands of Years now.

They do these kind of things Worldwide,all the time.Here they put us up against Moslims througt the Justicesystem by alarming us agains

Islamterrorism,the same time they span agains us with the Moslims by telling them to wanting to start an anti racist front against Our

People because we are racists.

The same time they use Islamic People and other foreigners to help them to rape and supress Our Children and controlling the

Neighbourhoods.And theirs without their knowledge will be raped by the Jew,to make all hate against each other absolute.
This will sure help Racism and Terrorism.

Leaders of all Countries and Kingdoms are closely Guarded,surrounded and watched by Jews.
Also blackmailed anyway possible,like with Childprostitution and forced to participate in it with or without drugs,like heroin or GHB

and like.
Here they have leaders in their Pocket for ages now,so in the US and any other Country.
They used me as a Child in 1967 to get hands on Joop den Uyl,our primeminister for Years.
From then on they demolished the People and the Country.Esspecialy the Children through the Schoolsystems.
He had to do what they wanted.Later they killed Him with a Thallium Derivate.

From then on Jews like Lubbers,van Agt,Wim Kok,Bram Moscowicz,Doktor Goldberg,Verhagens,frits bolkestein,and all of their clans etc

raped and plundered the Country.All European Countries got the same treatment.They are in charge now everywere one turns.They are the

And still doing it.

The problem with Jews is they raped all of us as Child,this for ages now,so every man and woman ever in their hands will feel corrupted

and guilty of Sinn,a whore ,a childraper .The Jews always make sure the Children themselves will feel Guilty.This is a huge waepon to

silence Kids.And therefore society will feel corrupted,and guilty of sinn against the Jews and anyone else later on.

One of the brainwashings for example is beating a Child half to death with fists against the head under the hair,so no one can see the

bumps and spots they leave.While doing this they scream to the Child it is a Childraper,again and again.

Later in life when who ever it is,sees something bad and asks”are you raping Children,Jews,Man,woman and their Kids also,respond as in

reflex and replay “you are doing it too,aint you?”
This wil shut up anyone who has this,among others,kind of brainwashing.Because of the extreme fear to be beaten up or killed again.
Whole Nations raped by Jews as Child live in fear,they could be a Childraper,they can not think something else because of the

torture.Torture make such brainwashings cemented into the Soul.This is demostating for familys and Nations.
They wil feel bad,lowlives,this diminishes selfdefencepower against blame and agression,or otherwise can lead to extreme

agression.Mostly seen when they act from powerpositions,as Government,policeforce,politics ,Criminal organisations etc.
This is only one of the brainwashings that easily can make someone corrupted.

Also all Jews make use of this brainwashing for the rest of the life of that Kid,so the Kid easily comes to think”everybody knows what

I am”,while itself wil be raped again and again by real Childrapers,mostly Jews ,Semites and other Foreigners,thinking this must be

punishment for what I am.

A damage Jews give a Child,is “it is all your fault”
People with this damage can try to solve all Worldproblems,because they think all War and unhappiness is their blame.
I have seen a Woman dying for this,she could not heal the World and took her own life.
Others wander through the Afrikan Continent,try to help where they can,there are multiple behaviors that come out of such an crime.
This also makes these Victims to be the last who wil find the real source of all Evil.

A thing You must understand about the Jewisch Culture,they call themselves this since 600 Years.Before that, we ourselfs,the

Europeans,the last Continent they discovered and infaded,where called by them Jews ourselfs,and we called them,and very possibly all

other Foreigners, Childrapers and Dogs.
The word Jew in their language means”child”
Because we had behaviors that could do let think someone from present times it is Childlike.
They took the name of their Victims and Killed anybody who knew something about it from the 14th Century on.To You known as the

Witchhuntings and crusades,inquisitions,nowadays called hunting the criminal,rightwing radical,the pedofile or the latest gadgets “hunt the

Terrorist”,and the “politically not so coorect speaking”.

When will they ever start to be hunted themselfes,Childrapers of the worst kind?

They still do hunt us.By giving us names of the crimes they themselves commit at us as Child and the rest of our lifes.They call us

radicals,racists,rightwing or leftwing activists,homofiles,pedofiles,childrapers,hooligans,bum,whores,criminals,bad people,terrorists.They learn

us as Child to see this the same way about our own people.
These words , Children who are raped by them at lowerschoolage will hear this over and over again.These are said ,screamed,to the

Children during the rapes and tortures.

In fact every bad word,every crime,every hostility,every disease we know of, is brought and committed by the Jews.

Be aware of the fact these namegivings to us and our children are deadly.Jews and any other of importance ,especial from government can

shoot or destroy a man or woman,tell anybody who looks it is a whore,pedofile,racist,criminal or bum,bad person and nobody will look

twice,lately they added “Terrorist”.When people hear these words they Only think good You did that.You defended us,didnt you?
Lately they added the “not so politically correct speaking” one.

In Holland police did beat an old man to death,was found the next morning dead in his cell.
They said “it is a mindsick bum”,nobody in the whole wide World never ever asked again” did you find the criminals who did it yet?”
A Father of Children.

When Jews give us names,it is to kill and exterminate us,take us out.
Let us take our own people out.
Makes it possible to get away with crime.

In fact perfect Murders for Centuries now.

Jews use the words,the brainwashings against us ,daily through the media.They can rule the world in fact from a lazy chair by

manipulating us with the words and subjects inserted into us while Childraping us.
All political agendas national and Worldwide is directly connected to points,words and items used in brainwashing Childrapes, before

they get to be political agendas,of political importance.

They rape the foreign Kids also at school and set them up extra agains the natives.
So extra rape,robbery,treats etc of the Foreigners in the streets.

They ,the Jews,threaten us daily by telling us we have to work harder,have to pay more,are bad parents,bad children,bad people,threaten

to take our Children away,or give us names when we dont shut up.Also through the media,daily.
Are destroying the love between Children and Parent and Adults by always telling us they are searching for the pedofile.Making al Homes

hard and cold for the Children.
Nobody dares to love a Child in case one gets accused being a pedofile.This will destroy the children,the homes,the family.Nobody who

loves Children want them to get hurt by these absolutely dangerous aquisations or suspicions.
With as result Children get raped again at the policestations,by the Jewisch Judge,the Jewisch Procecutors and the Jews at the Secret

Service,as happened to me when I was a Child very often.At school the most.And by the way ,the Jews wil make sure to steal all of their

love,there will be nothing left for the Kid,and own people.
The same who always scream they are searching for the pedofile,are the same who rape the brains out of our Kids at lower schoolage.
Childraping and brainwashing Jews!

For more than 25 Years now I see how Populations respond when the Childraping Jews,or an knowing or unknowing collaborator screams

Pedofile on TV,almost weekly.
This instantly promotes,induces Childabuse.People,Family,Parents,even Grandma`s and GrandPa`s treat the Children abusive,rejective,so

anyone can see there is no love here,handle them harder and colder with more screaming and rejections,so all can see and hear,there is

no Pedofile here.

My Mother Showered Me as Child,from a so big as possible distance and very hard,she almost used a steelhaired brush.

This is because of fear of death.

What the Israelites do to us here,is destroying no less than every family,man ,woman and child.

This is a trick the Israelites are used to do to People when they come and establish power.
They line up all the People,and ask”do you want to be a pedofile or whore,do you want to be a homofile or whore,do you want to be a

lesbos or a whore.

Anyone who says something else than whore will be killed.
So the rest wil hurry to say willing to be a whore.

The rest will be killed and thrown in the Water.
The Jews did this so often that there were 2800 Years ago Sharks in the Rhine,Rijn,who usually only were in warmer waters.
The Sharks followed the Jews-Israelites through Europe.

The People who survive this wil be afraid for these words for all generations to come.
The Jews make sure for that,they renew these fears almost every week on TV,they renew these fears every generation again,when they rape

the Children.
All Children who were ever in their hands will have extreme fear for these Words.Among many,many other “PowerWords”,berried in their


Result…Jews can hunt us as pedofile,homofile etc.
The one they let hunt by mostly Governments,the homofiles they usually let hunt by Churches,Religions.
And the ones they want of us,the whore..they do not treat nice either.

It makes Mother afraid to love her Daughters and Sons,the pedofile or lesbos.
It makes Fathers afraid to love their Sons and Daugthers.
It makes Children afraid to love Children,the pedofil/homofile.When they like eachother it is mostly rough “macho”.
Disabling the ability to have true Friendships.
It in all its consequenses will grow rape and Childrape.
It in all its consequenses make people feel lonely,whatever they do to loose these feelings.Because the damage of these rapings not

only destroy relations,but also will damage,lobotomise the ability to love in the Soul.

It takes a lot of work to win these abilities back,when one can survive the highlevel danger to be raped at every streetcorner by

everyone.This is an extra damage the Jews did to us to serve their purposes.

So the Children grow up,Worldwide in an hard,cold,dead environment,because nobody dares to love them.
When the Child goes to school the Jewisch Man and Woman immediately go check out the new Children who they want to abuse.
The one will be friday the other wednessday and so on.
Once and a while the Children go camping,this is the day,the week they are totaly fucked past all kingdom come.
They will usually be severely tortured,raped and brainwashed again and again.
This by teachers,judges,prosecutors,inspectors and police, all from Jewisch origine.Jews do this in every Country.

Children get rapings ,brainwashings,droughnings,torture with solderingirons in openings,hit with phonebooks,sleepdeprivation.Hit with

fists and Feet.Have to eat excrements,sometimes mixed with sperm,pis and vinegar a lot.
And I am still not sure yet,but I can not remember to have eaten a deasant meal,drunk fluid,not even water,in that whole week.
What I remember however,is,when a Jewisch man or woman had to pis or shit,they made us come to them,by saying”toilet come here”and had

to drink and eat that shit ,pis and sperm straight out of their bodies.
And we were raped by a whole lot of Jews that week,also a huge lot of Jews out of every corner and level of

society,judges,prosecutors,laywers,actors and Tvfaces,Inspectors came and went,one load after an other.

If you want detail,you can take any Jew,especial higher level,and ask for details.They all do it.
Even the Presidents of Israel.If I may remind Rice.

Did You ever see a child come out of a schoolbus and it looked tired and sore troath.And You think that was from screaming the whole

week of pleasure and staying up late.
Yes they screamed,they all did that,but the sore troath is from serial abuse by many Jews per Child during a week.Torturing us with

solderingirons in al openings,and endlessly swallowing their cocks.

And tired because of sleepdeprivation to put away every last resistance against their brainwashings.They ,the Jews forced us to keep

each other awake for it,24/7.
The only reason these Children jump out of the Bus into Your arms,as if they had the best week of their life,is because they fear for

the lifes of their loved ones.This fear wil stay for ever and is used by Jews and Foreigners of most Semitic and Islamic origine

often,later on.

You must take in account that let a nation losing al the love they have for eachother,is a start of extermination and,or,enslaving a

And the Jews wil make absolutely sure of that,that the Child has no drop of love left for whomever,except the Jews themselves.
If no love,there is no bond,no commitment,no intrest,no care,every single Child will be unprotected for the Jews,Foreigners and any

other predator. It in fact already is.

It let one loose all intrest in what is going on with the people,children,boys,girls,even babys.
It has an effect like mentioned above with what happens to you when called a bum.

You can and absolutely must see this fact,Jews learning our Children to start calling us names to degrade us,an terrorist activity with

enormous consequences.
For example every War started with names,Every frozen hate is accompagnied by names.
Every crime with blaming motivations,inserted by the Jews.

The whole state in every country is in hands of Jews during these days and weeks to prevent any possible detection.

When a concerned one sees something and phones the police ,cars with Jews will already be in the vincinity and take the call.Nobody

will hear again.
They will threaten,shoo everybody away with shoutings about policework.
On these days the Jews will be active in all Governmentduties,from civil servant,mayor,secret service,to places surrounding the

President,and the President when a Jew.
On these days they all are active in hospitals.All raping and torture is accompagnied by a Fycisian to reanimate us and treat

wounds,also to give us antibiotics to prevent infections caused by the rapes and tortures.

They even drive us in that week to Governmentbuildings in den Haag ,to Intimidate us I asume,and there the rapings by Jews just went on.
Thats the place where they for instance showed us Films and Fotos about Concentrationcamps where People were severely mutilated,and told us that it was our Fault,our People did that,we were to blame.
After that we had to line up with 40 Children and had one after an other to suck the Dick of the Jew who later became President van Agt of Holland,as token of regret,so was told to us.

In some fase of the rapings they gave us Heroin and GHB against the pain and also so we do not remember anything.
They also gave us Tobaco and Alcohol,so you can ask them where all addicts come from.

When we grow up and go as Youngsters into Society,everywhere Jews and Foreigners ,also of the own agegroup,are waiting for the new

“fresh meat”with force,humiliations,intimidations, and drugs in the pocket like heroin,GHB,Alcohol.Drugging and raping us.
I saw this and it happened to me many times.

They wait in the nightlifesituations.They hunt us in the streets,they infade the homes with threats toward our lifes,even Parents do

not dare to defend themselves.
Happened to me,from Birth up to about two Years ago.
I have seen it at least 5 times,Jews and Foreigners,especial Semites of Islamorigine,infading homes and raping the Children.
The Parents far to afraid,paralyzed by fear.

No one can go to police,because police itself is a raper,childraper.
This happened to me and other Children many times,where I must say Policeofficers,Judges of Jewisch origine always started the crimes.
But in Western Society since Centuries,when one says State ,Law or Government,one says in fact…Israelites.

Israelites have always been “the Servant”in any European Power,but as it is now ,the real Kings.
They have always been above the People and behind the King.
And also the Kings and their Children were as our Children and People raped,tortured and Brainwashed.

When they ruled Afrika 15.000 Years ago,the real Faraos,they already hit 2 Copper Nails in the back of the Heads of People they wanted to

docile,enslave.To destroy certain brainareas.
This Cult has got an Nightmarisch knowledge to manipulate and brainwash for thousands of Years.

There is also another history no one is aware about.
All people enslaved by the power of the Jews are Forged,punisable by death ,to rape their own Children.
For 2800 Years in Europe alone.
This is the last Continent The Jews Discovered with help of their friends from Afrikan,Semitic,Morokan,Sumeric,Arabian Origine.

For 2800 Years we had to hatch Children for the Jews,like rabbits,who sold our Babys after Birth to the Friends.To the middleEast and

Afrikan Continent.We were picked out on Sex and slavery.
Even Japan knew the European Children.

Always the Jews layed total and deadly ownership on our Children.
This partly stopped in the 17th Century,when Wars between the Jews and the Semites began.
They still do,when they rape us as Child claim total and deadly ownership on the Children ,the Children they are raping wil have.
This also has deadly consequenses for any human relationship the Child is begging for.
This is one of the many damages that will deliver the Child in the Hands of Jew,Foreign and any other Predator.

But one of the facts is that Jews forge Every European in to raping the own Child.
People become Evil as consequense of this ,and are useable for any War they want.
The Romans they made evil,these wandered through the World robbing and raping.Scientists still searching how it come they went so

destructive and evil.Take a Jew.
After that the Spaniards,less known,but at least as much evil,terrorised Europe for 300 Years.They were instructed and made by Jews,and

were making us evil on purpose.
Then the Jews had us,and made us the same.

But in all cases they used the “SoldierSlaves”of any following race as means to rape and make evil Europe more and more.
Us they used as last again for Fights against races they came from ,Semites,Afrika,Arabia.With Religious Fury.
Partly based on the evil already produced by the races like the Romans and Spaniards they sent after us.
The rest because they raped,brainwashed us as Child.And made us Christians.

So Oprah and her 300 Years can be bad,try 2800 Years,wherein her races also played a big part against Europe.
Still every man woman and child in europe is afraid in the vincinity of one of these races.It is almost in our DNA.
I often,whole my life hear the Guilt of the white race,there is none.This is layed on us by the Jews ,who wholesales with guilt as a

waepon,and has thrown away the real history of Europe.The Israelites were always the ones who wrote,we were the ones who had to comply

or die.

But through the Ages the Jews forged us to rape our own Children aswell.This was always Government and State and Law.
Until the end 17th Century they wandered through Europe with Guillotines when one did not want to rape Children.
You died,period.
Up to the diforge of State and Church in 1920 the Government forged us to rape Children.
For this one could get trouble with the Police,the Priest,and the Jews when bad luck.
Then they gladly did it for You.

For example The Law,the Judges in Holland know this fact,do not say anything about it and let us rot away,underwhile knowing,because

depthpsychologie is just a sidehobbie for these kinds of Intelligence,what goes on,and throw the Lawbook at us when we do things we a

second before never thougt we could do.This happens to a lot of Parents and People.
We do not know,but the Law does know.
But instead of warning, explaination and help they put us in Jail for the Crimes they themselfes forged us to comply to.
They damaged us themselves and now Earn Money Jailing us for things they did.

Jews are very well known for their ability to distantiate,and let the one left behind get all the blame.
The distantiating from the Lawmakers in Holland in 1991 is Jewwork.
They created States,Religions and Kingdoms and distantiated themselves.screaming comments about what left behind,so all could hear they had nothing to do with it.

In 100 A.C. they distantiated from Heiden Christen.By writing the religions from then on in Latin.Until then it was Greek.
So Heiden Christen were expelled and had to listen again instead of telling.

And now,Jews distantiating themselves totally from the Christen Religions.
But only until one takes a look inside the powerstructure of the Chuches,it is infested with Jews.

In 1987 I found out,A Judge ,Mr Francke,was led into belief I Fucked with Children.
When I looked at the problem,I could tell him that this was what he wanted himself.
Asking himself how I knew this, he paniced and shouted”Yes,but we distantiated from it 60 Years ago.

He ment the divorce of Church and State in 1920.
Until then By force of Law we had to rape our Children.

But still they rape the Children.

Idem ditto,with Asbestos.Government knew since 1920 it is poisoned.
Untill today Landlords do not have to warn when one rents a Home full of Asbestos.

How the Church came filled with Chorusboys.
People proposed if Priests would leaf the woman alone when we gave them our Boys.
Better than seeing for the rest of our lifes the head or even heads of the Priest.
If one did not give birth to enough Children,Priests and other bums came to give sperm to the Woman.

There is also a very serious and sad reason why people do not go to the police.
My Mother saw me coming home many times and saw I was raped,not even for a fraction of a second it came up in her to go to the police.
She just sayd,it wil go away.

This fact is victimizing all people in the World,whereever a Israelite has been or is.

An other big fact,is the fact that Jews use the Police during Childrapes,as co-raper,as threat against the Children.
You can ask any Jewisch Policeman or Woman how this works.
I do not mean the police in Israel,but in any Western Country.

But when the Israelites are done raping,brainwashing the Children ,they are afraid about ,police,state,law,about telling,speaking etc.

If one sees a Jew doing something bad,and asks about it,it happened to me regularly that the Jew only has to think”I will call the

Police”and I frose of fear.Because the Police is very well known to me and any other by the Jews raped Child on Earth.
But I ve been raped and beaten up by Police a lot.When it were Jews.

I beliefe they also give us farmaceutics that destroy the muscles in the Years to come,because the last 25 Years I see a lot of

Young people with muscledeseases in wheelchairs.
They also test their farmaceutics on us.You must understand when I got raped and tortured I got GHB,in those Years an experimental drug

only known to laboratories,1966/67.The same with LSD.

When a Child after the week of abuse or at the end stil remembers something about who did what ,they will not hesitate to lobotomize

the child,kill it when it can be done.Choke it with a hardcooked egg,with peanut butter in the troath or drown it.
I Myself was at one Time during this week drowned multiple times by the later President Mr van Agt himself,until I seemingly started to

respond as they wished.Drowning and reanimating again has got the same effect as Lobomitazion,parts of the Soul die,that

contains the by Jews not wanted knowledge.
After every torture they start to question again and again,until they are sure there is no danger left for the Jews.

A lot of the torture is to give us pain and weakness for the rest of our lifes.
It causes hart and vessel deseases,mental illness,suicide,murder,jointdamage,back and neckdamage and always feeling bad,cheap and

helpless.It causes War,Genocides,racism and endless crimes in War and in Peacetime.

Big risk we also will,and can not help it,damage our family and children to come.
As My Parents did,they could not explain their actions,only feeling bad about themselfes more and more,and lived dying away.

One Torture for example,hitting the Children under the feet with a stick,wil give pain through the whole body,losing awareness

fast,later in life around the age of 50,one has to expect to get swollen painfull feet so now and then,for weeks.
Your Jewisch Doktor wil gladly help with some description of course.
For Your endless Migranes also.
They will be glad to operate You later in life,to get rid of the pain in neck,back,joints and head.
Gladly sell You an expensive wheelchair for Your Muschledesease.
Operate Your Hart and Vesseldeseases.

An other,scarring the Children under their feet,where the toohs are,later after 40 Years of age,one gets burning spots under the feet

and difficult walking.

For a lot of other turtures we will become Hospitalized later on.Hartdeseases,vessel,skeletondamage,etc.

They hit us multiple times on the chest,what will give a lot of chestpain and fear of hartattacks later in life.
It also causes backproblems ,especial when they tell us,while hitting in the chest,we have to go bend because we are stupid,and Jews go upright because they are important and Intelligent.

When Israelites see in the time they rape us,that we are hurt and have pain,they come running asking what is.
When telling what is they always respond with,”you do have cancer”or “you do have a bad desease”

This will produce people who are so called hypochondrics.
When they feel pain,a feeling of bad desease wil come up.
Hospitalrooms and Offices are filled with this consequence.
If my statics are still acurate,80% of doktorvisit is because of this.

They had me operated multiple times,brainchirugery to loose memory„always when going to,or doing it,they said,you have a bad desease,you are a scizofrenic,you need to

be operated because you do see things that do not exist.
Suggesting all kinds of mental ilnesses.

By the way,I have had close encounters with people who are called schizofrenic,and also manic depressive.
Doktors have no cure they believe,and medicate them to stabilize,and blocking healing,because the beliefes of medical science wil let

the victim loosing all hope.

But all the people I have seen were raped extremely abusive ,tortured and brainwashed,sometimes for many Years.
And that way treated ,so they lost al hope.
Often from birth on raped and tortured.
But treatment for abuse and violence can help them toward a better life ,at least less bad.
Because of the believes about scizofrenics and manic depresseds Medics usually do not come to these questions.
It also could be that when one is diagnosed as such,it is used as alarmword by Jews and used to control the Victim the whole life.
The Medic World is infested with Childraping Jews.
They supply in care and medication during rapes,deathcertificates ,do rape Children at just Born age and later on.

If You do not believe this can be,then I can tell You out of experience…yes it surely is possible.
I have been raped within 2 minutes after Birth,by Max Moscowicz,a Jew who swirled around me and my Mother for Years.
The Becken is like Gummi ,and will bend when raped.
When I went through it during Therapy,I actually felt my becken bending.

This Max Moscowicz,was one of the flood of Israelites that came straight after the War to Europe and fucked and brainwashed the Brains out of Europe.
He came from the USA,where his Antsester in 1830 already raped,killed and mutilated Children,in a place called Winchester,near California.

I also believe the people who are diagnosed as Scizofrenic or Manic Depressed people happen to be the Scapegoat when Jews rape Children,a very very heavy position.
I believe it is the purpose of the Jewisch race to let our races fade away this way,because as scapegoat they usually pick out the
strongest.Therefore the strongest DNA of a race,they use the schoolsystem and Governmentdata to filter and find them.
Normally these Children are ment to die at Young age,mostly by suicide or violence,weakening the race.
By violence I mean these Children often come in the hands of Foreigners and other criminals and are often put at risk and raped.
It happened to me and I ve seen it and heard it from others too,about their lifes and what happenend to them.
It can surely give a highrisk life.

The tortures,rapes and brainwashings keeps us at an always less stronger state as the Jews are,this gives them fysic and mental

superiority for life.They can blow us away.

We feel like ants when we see a Jew,because of the silent and mostly unaware fear to die any moment in their vincinity.

Jews make use of an two way system raping the child.One is extreme violence,torture,brainwash and threats agains life and family,the

other is giving love,as the only one who is giving love to the Child in its life,in its universe, a sexual way to completely bind the

child with love.

So from then on the child lives in deadly fear and at the same time has to hold on to the only love it gets in this universe,the cock

of the Jew and the cut of the Jewisch woman.

They force themselves upon us as better parents,start telling very bad things about the Childs own parents and people.From then on You will

start loosing Your Child for ever.It will start hating own flesh and blood ,own family,all people except Jews.
Will become one of the above stated names or worse an servant in any kind of governmentduty and nobody will know what hit us,our own

Child killed us because it was put to hate us by Jews.
The same Children who stay below in society will be the victims of this,not knowing why so much people seem to hate them.That is the

other side of the medal,abused,killed and raped again and again,now by the own people in the own government,work,neighbours and

police.The Jews stay on the sideline putting daily fuel on the situation,plunder ,steal and advice us to dead,and can not be blamed for

crimes and actions we seem to do ourselfs.This is the result of Rape and Brainwash our Children.

When the brainwashed Kids start to rape or murder themselfes,Any Jewscientist on the Globe,any Jewdoktor ,any Jewnewspaper ,any highly

studied important Jewscientist wil assure You ……..they have bad parents.They must have bad parents,…it is in their blood.

As stated above,them strong,us weak,raping our children is very profitable,it brings the Jews straith to the top of every society.

Even the Israeli lower schoolteachers live a better life than they usually can,because they prostitute our children straight from

school to their clans and collaborators and take huge profits.A huge number of the Children is already selected at lower school to go

straigt to the whorehouses,directly or indirectly exploited by Jews,Semites or others,but always profiting.

The Jewisch woman,who marry into the victimpopulation will corrupt,blackmail and exploit the family,and prostitute them.
Forces them to commit crimes.

Ironically these woman often look as if they themselves are the State.
They can surely give an impression of stateforce.

The Jews are used to marry into the Familys of people they blackmail or take intrest in,like Joop den Uyl,after 1967.
I last heared he seemed to be married to a Jewisch woman.As I know him,and for sure after 1967,he only would like to kill them,as they

did with his lifework and his people.
But if it is the truth,this woman can have collaborated in his death,he must have dyed by a thalliumderivate.

I would not be to surprised when Obama seems to have a Jewisch Woman.

They also let people of ,claerly to a child ,foreign origin take part in the rapings and abuses, to let Islamics,Turks,Marokan,Indian

Asian and Negros,as only one take or get the blame and fuel racism beyond belief.
Jews set us up against these foreigners during the rapings.Them against us.We are pushed to fight them later in life.

Foreigners of many origines are reaping the young ones here in the streets,day and night and even at home.Even threaten parents to shut

up.Manytimes the foreigners ,the Islamics,the Semitic ,Afrikan origine,obey to and work together with Jews.

They turn our Children into money.
I for instance was sold multiple times from one Jew to an other while living my life with family as usual.They all also became

important members of society later on.

They also prostituted me to many Jews,also a lot known in society like Frits Bom,van Agt,Moscowicz,Lubbers,actors like Sean Connery,and all

Senators from around 1960 in Holland at least,had me,maby Hans Wiegel when he was a blonde senator in 1962,Judges etc and also used me

for blackmail and killings of enemies of Jews up to the highest regions of society.Kill Judges and Presidents.
They do this with many children,even their own to lay a powerbase and income.
But preferably our Children.

It is a perfect way of committing crime agains anyone,because of the shame a Child is fucked,even the state and Police will shut their

Mouths and feel shame after a crime, and worse ,they can damage the Child severely ,even kill it to shut up.
Happened to Me more than once.My parents had to flee more than once to save my life ,and theirs,from Jews and Government.

The other result of this very profitable doing however is that in our little country alone 5000 Young Ones a year take their own life

because of what Israelites do to us,we have a huge amount of Young ones who do not dare to life and do not dare to kill themselves,or

have to take care of someone,and can not commit suicide.We have ,because of what the Jews do to us,a huge amount of drug tobaco and

alcohol addicted Kids,it makes life at least for a few hours,sometimes bearable.Sickness,disability,mental problems,chaos.

I can garantuee You that with what You already have arrested now in New Jersey,You can Kill a Worldwide Childrape and International

BlackmailCult lead by Israel through the Mossad,the Sanhedrins and Churches,The states and Governments.

Any Criminal You ever have had will bleach away compared to what Israelites are doing to our Children,nations,security,the People and

the World.

I saw some footage and had the impression one of the Jews thought”he does not want us anymore”
A about 60 Year old Jew,with Glasses and in black dressing,maby one of the Rabbis.
As I happen to know the powerstructures of the JewShadowSociety it could mean that this Jew was under the impression that a Leader of his Race,of course then ,with the Power to organise such an attack by Policeforces and FBI could have been Ment.

If I am right a Jew living in the USA,a Billionair with red curly hair,who is always surrounded by beautifull young woman,must be the Worldleader of all Jews.
When that is a fact,You can ask this one about any Jewplans.

I urge You to ask the Jews You arrested in New Jersey about ritual Mass Childabuse and Torture,Blackmail and Terroristactivities,the

Sanhedrins and Mossad.How they use the religions.The Governments,the Nations against eachother.

You have to ask a Jew Five times about any crime before Truth will come.
This is a thing in their Psyche to prevent Crimes from escaping to the World.

Because of this they are better lyers as we can be,we break down much sooner in front of a crossexamination or judge.

To become a respected member in Jewsociety,and to get a position of any importance they have to rape/destroy 40 of our Children for

each star.

This is to profe loyality to the Jewisch plan and also to let every Jew of importance know they burn every ship behind them as

commitment to get to the big cake also.
This way ,for example,prime minister van Agt raped more than 800 Children to get to this position of Minister.
Lubbers more than 1200 Children.
Before a Jew gets to the level of these Insiders he or she has to rape at least 412 Children.Somekind of number of importance in

Jewsociety.Jews will not allow any Jew in this innercirkel when not at least done that,because they need strict and absolute secrecy

and loyality about their crimes.
And it works ,for hundreds of Years now.All the power all the time in any part of the world.

The New Jersey Jews wil surely know these facts,please ask them.

Even the Jewisch Woman do it,they send out their Children or husband to rape other Children in the Neighbourhood,and,or they prostitute

our Children.This al counts for profe of loyality.
Any Jew,man woman or JewChild, living anywhere in the World is doing this.
They all want to score 40 rapes or multiples of that.For extra income,power,blackmail and getting status in Jewsociety.

I,my family,is for more than 3 generations in their hands now.We were all used by Jews for their needs.

The Worldwide Childrapes and other crimes are coordinated by Israel and their Mossad.
In any Country,every city, they have so called Sanhedrins.A council of twelve wise men.
Those Councils are controlling all jews in the vincinity,in all parts of Society and Governments.
Those councils are guarding and watching us!
When a Jew reports danger for the Jewisch power,income or plans,they send a kill or rapesquad.
This happened a lot to me.
Usually a victim,as all victims do have,there is absolutely no memory after these crimes.That is,if they still live.
The personality of the victim however is altered for ever.He or she wil not do anymore what the Jews did not want the victim to do.
Or the victim,like me,like Volkert van der Graaf,like Rice,like VVD van Baalen wil do what they want them to do.

If these victims commit crime,they wil not know why they did it,or can only say “I did it”
Or come up with the item they were raped and Brainwashed with.

This is how a young man can stab 3 babys in Belgium,or an other kill his 10 month old Child.
Why Children kill Children.
All this is pure Jewwork.

They Commit Terrorism through the mentioned institutes and organisations,gather information about anyone in any place of the World,by

abusing the facilities and knowledge of Governmentsystems,national Security,policefiles,etc.

Every Jew in society and Government is serving the Jewisch cause,stealing information,abusing the systems,etc.
Even their Kids are on the watch and report.
One can never ever exspect commitment ,loyality ,secrecy from a Jew.
They obey and serve only one purpose,one goal.
Ask the new Jersey Jews about it.

They,the Jews,know more of a dark secret of any Country as we ourselves do,because they commit crimes on our behalve without letting us

So any Country is a big open wound for Israel when a Jew is in the House.
All secrets of any person,any nation,any Government lays out in the streets for the Jews.This also is the reason that we sometimes

think they have the gift of forseeing things.

This is why,ironically,states,servants,kings,Presidents and Governments like to have them around.
They always seem to solve the problem.
This can happen if you do not know how they are working together,Worldwide as one man,not for us,but to anihilate and enslave us.
They happen to have Irael pop up out of the ground in no time because the crimes they commit at us,Worldwide.

When someone is detected by this system,they even let their Children watch out for dangers,the Mossad or a killing squad is

alerted,this happened to me several times.
If they detect anyone is aware of their crimes,or in the way,they neutralize it this way.

When I ask a Jewisch lady if she maby has some more lovearrows for me( they happen to shit the Children in the Mouth during the rapes

and shout ” I am getting an orgasm ,here come my lovearrows,open your mouth and eat .eat,and shit in our mouths.)This to destroy any

sanity concerning love and sex and any human being.Feelings of humiliation can occure when loving in later live.Then it happens the

next day Jews who work in the secret service of my own people,my own country try to kill me.

Jews are the biggest Boss in Justice,secret service and any other departement of our Country.Yours to.
Here a Jew called Lubbers is,or was, head of Secret Service for many Years now,a raper and murderer of more than 1200 Children.
How many people of this nation he killed and destroyed with use of this service will maby always be a question.
You could ask him?
I can say we are held hostage,raped and murdered in our own Country for ages now.

When a Young One is in hands of Police and one of the Officers is a Jew the change of rape is as good as 100 %.This happened about four

times to me before i was 20.
They hunt our Young Ones with use of Policecars.
When a Policeman of own people witnesses this,or they take part or black out because of raped as child and walk away without memory.

So Israel can Blackmail any Country because the knowledge of even the darkest secrets of any family,Government and nation and does.They

got money by blackmailing of Industry,politicians,parents and servants in several Countries.It seems money was paid directly from the

Governments,Dutch also, straight toward Israel.For many ,many Years.
This can happen when all Senators are corrupted by Childabuse and prostitution.The people do not know.The Government here and Italy is

blackmailed this way since the early sixties.I assume every other Country followed in no time.

This way they created a multibillion Dollar costing Country in no time,With atomic power.

Any Kid in the World is in severe Danger when a Jewisch Woman Man or Child is around.The Youngest Jewisch Kid I saw raping was when I

was 3 Years old and an about 6 Year old Boy asked in a happy way the later Prime Minister van Agt if it was allowed to cut me,van Agt

denied,he said I was to young for it.
So the Jewisch Kids are at Young Age dangerous,and very soon very dangerous guerillaTerrorists,that not hesitate to blackmail,treaten or

kil any man ,woman or Child that does not do what they want,or is in the way of their purposes,or want something from,or are told to.
A jew is a Terrorist by rape and brainwash of victims.
If You are searching for Bombs alone,You will be in severe danger.
You have to know that Kolonising,Extermination,taking over control,terrorism by rape and brainwash if far more effective than any weapon You know.
You fade away,they grow.You wil not even know You were wiped out.

Here I saw a 4 Year old Jewisch Kid threaten 3 Year old Kids on the schoolyard.
I am the Boss,and when You do not like that,I will finisch You of,he said.
When You see a Bully,look if it is jewisch or has got an Jewisch Mother.
Also Jewisch Teachers,man and Woman can Tell Children to Bully a chosen Victim.
This is used to intimidate,silence,supress.

The power laid with this bullying is dangerous,it is for life.This is no Childsplay.
This way a young Jew could take control over Foreigners and a Dutchman and let them rape me,afterwards joining them.

They also write our History for us,and feed us this from birth so what can You expect.They rule and control what we know and not

know,what we have to accept as the truth and what not.One coreexample is learning our Children we are bad people by evil incest and our

parents and people are the same.They indoctrinate Children the Jew is the only one good people fighting for more than thousand Years

now agains the bad people like parents.

And it works,deadly.

We do have for some Years now an introduced by the Jews new something,called “politically correct speaking”.
I happen to see from lastweek on, that it is also now introduced in Amerikan Society.
Every second Amerikanmade series I see there is a Jewisch actor mentioning the sentence to the viewers.

This is a Jewtrick out of the psychological warfarehandbook in peacetime of the Jews.

Earlyer they worked with kindlike structures from within the Churches,the Religions,the Governments.

Earlyer they gave us Christian morals,all starting with “though shall not…….”.While they themselves…….

But all these psychological tricks are to wipe out any resistance against Jewpolicy.

To wipe out any selfdefence and sanity a nation has got.
They apply these damaging psychologytricks through propaganda on the media,in childraisefilosofies,through the Religions ,political

systems and Governments.
They also apply these kind of damaging forbiddings through the Law,the Lawmakers and the Justicedepartement.
They force People to accept these rules by threatening familys and parents to let childcare come by when their Kids say something

forbidden.Or even Jail.Or take away their income with force of the Law.
The Devlish triangle,Rouwvoet from the Church,Balkenende from the CDA and the Masschildraper Donner of Justice are taking care off

This way taking us hostage the more,shutting us up the more,let us comply the more.
As in Star Trek “resistance is futile”.

They threaten to start calling anyone who does not want to keep his big mouth shut ,after applying their new Godlike wisdom to us in

the form of”political correct speaking”,a Rightwing radical.

This silences up a whole nation at once as I could witness here.
Because every Child they ever raped and brainwashed happen to know what that means.
Be hunted down by own Government and beaten up on behalve of the Jews.
Terrorised for life,by Lawenforcement and Government.Harassment from everywhere.

Police did that already in 1987,terrorising and Harassing people,the Jews ordered them to.
So these people got more and more afraid,frustrated and as result angry and revengeous.
So Jews are 24/7 and all our lives long,growing crime and terror themselfes.
And we pay for it.And they earn on it,always.

Here the Amsterdam Major Job Cohen,threatened his chief of police on TV to say what he wanted him to say on TV.
A case where in the policechief was forced to lie about what realy happenend to a woman.
What also worked,was that the policechief was raped as child.In those cases a human wil comply to a Jew blindly and without question.
So the Jews eat the Heart out of every nation.

The Purpose of politically correct speaking,is that you forget what is on your mind.
So they,the Jews,can go on with their plans,without you disturbing them.

An other side effect of these psychological warfaretactics is the fact that the frustration and anger of a nation wil grow….and

grow…and grow.
Until the Jews want to set us up,and let us attack anyone they say is the guilty one.

They used and use this weapon of building up hateenergie in the victimnations or populations to concquer new territory so now and

then,or wipe out enemies they like.

Also it wil rocket crimerate,violence in society,and mortalityrate.

Or did you not notice that with all they mean with “politically correct speaking”,they happen to silence every item about you just were

starting to say something?

This way they can let more and more Foreigners in,press their politics more on us than they already do,and again….plunder us far

more…again,can let crime evolve and completely destroy nations until we are also 3th Worldcountries.

You must know ,the 3th Worldcountries they happen to come from,beginning 2800 Years ago.
That wil be our future also.

With China also strange political behaviour Worldwide.
Any fool could have known that the Welth China became was directly out of our Pockets.
A bit fuller bucket had to pour something into China`s bucket.
They had more work over the Years.We lesser.
Until all became in equilibrium with eachother,sure then everything levels out.
as I said it was to expect from the beginning.
Now screaming about it through all channels ,and Worldwide,to fuel an idea of reccesion extra,could also just be manipilating Jewcrime.
They wholesale with these kind of manipulations all the time.They deal in fear.
As in Crime,follow the Moneyflow that starts with these kind of fearseedings and arrest the criminals.
I believe Jews are directly or indirectly preying on these fears.And make huge profits,because of knowing upfront.

Jews are a very,very strongly closed Cult or sekte.Worldwide.

This is why some things in societies occur almost at the same time,they have the power to act international with any plan.
Like Fighting racism internationally and shut out Mouths with this action before killing Palestines.
International antiterrorlaws in every Country at the same time,this before the WTCdisaster.Long before any so called Terrorist

A complete and finished plan antiterrorismplanning in one week after the WTC,with knowing who did it and what Countries to act

against,and what to do?Such planning,including finding who did it takes Months if not Years,especial on international level.
Reccesion,every country poor at the same time??Sure.

And as in any Country of the World,I want to be Damned when not it is always the Jews who come as first with any warning about what we

have to fear now again.They orcestrate that themselfes.

I strongly believe Israel is paying the Al Quida Group.
Maby the Highest (above 412 Children)New Jersey Jews Know something about it,because on that level it could be possible they talk about their latest heroism with

each other.
And when You are doing that,please be so kind to ask them also if the Jews realy stabbed the Dikes in 1953 and killed thousands of

Dutch people.

It is said they not only warned the US before the WTC happened and keeped the concerning FBIofficer buzy for a week,before he could

discover the message,but the Jewisch owner also put Cordite on the second floor of the WTC before the attack.
With my knowlegde what Jews are capable of doing with brainwash and rape,they realy change a victims personality.They possibly
brainwashed the attackers themselves.
They are capable to let victims,also Children do suicideattacks.
Do I have to point out the Millions of deaths in only the Christian Wars against the unholy Semites.
This can be accomplished when raping Nations.
When not brainwashed,one would have said,a sandpit far far away is absolutely not Holy to me.

Here in Holland we had a like case.Samir A.This Young Man of Islamic origine was handpicked by the SuperPG of Justice,a Jew.
Arrested and Abused,Tortured ,raped.I happen to know they easily can bring one in a state of absolute wanting to murder them,because

they did that too me to many Years earlyer.What they did to him and me was an absolute declaration of War.
When I saw him on TV coming out of Jail,I immediately saw they had broken him.

Samir A had less luck than me,he followed his feelings and maby tryed to retaliate.
When they trew him out of prison he possibly tryed something foolish.

And they knew this response would happen,they were already waiting at his place to take action against him at the least token of

They made sure he came big time in the newspapers as a dangerous terrorist.
I already discribed how Jews pull or grow Violence in their victims,so they can attack when the victim responds.

Beside that ,they constantly make use of the fears and anger they grow in us.
They manipulate us at a almost daily rate in one or an other.

This action of the Jews served two major Goals.For one to discharge all negative attention against Justice for their very remarkable

behaviour during the Years,one could call it terrorism with use of the Law.They started to get negative attention from the Media.
Now they could tell”do You see,there realy,realy…..realy.. is Terrorism,we found one,now You can not do without us.So they got their

status of importance back.The media lost intrest,did not look anymore.

The other cause was giving evidence of their warnings for Years now ,there realy is Terrorism.Sure.
Defending the Worldwide antiterrorpolicy of the Israelites.And blundly,their income ,power over us and status.
And of course they always wil have to supress any detection of their Crimes agains Humanity.So they must be in power everywhere.

They can not allow Senators,Politicians and high Servants start to tell where all the Money is gone.
Or they might risk to have to Give Israel back.

Jews make ,especialy of the Justice departements and Judge departements their Castle,from there they rule the whole Country.
Jews are not seldom for 2 Centuries a JusticeFamily.
I do think the whole Terrorismtreat is a hoax made by the Jews from the beginning.
To serve their own purposes.

But back to You,You can ask the Owner of the WTC again,and keep remembering to ask five times,it is a Jew.
Maby the Jews bragged about it and the New Jersey Jews know of it.
But I estimate the WTC owner is a high enough Jew You can take a lot of info from,at International level.
Highest Jews usually are the richest Jews around.
Also they then have had the, Rape 412 Children test.
You can ask the owner and New Jersey Jews, also about Childabuse and Terrorism,because at this level they all are Guilty of these

Especialy the Rich and important Jews.
Ask all of them if they have eaten Human Flesh.
Ask all of them if they have been drinking blood of Children
Ask all of them if they committed or participated in Childrape and torture.
Ask all of them about Terrorism.
Ask about blackmail of Servants,Politicians,Governments,and Parents

Ask them how US came to WorldWar2.
Ask them how Germany came to War.
Ask them why Japan attacked.
You can ask them a lot about anything,even where are the lost Children.

If You hate Ted Bundy for what he did.

In any level concerning Jews You will find a Super Ted Bundy.A super Jefrey Dahmer and so on.

Here we have a minister of Justice called Donner,a Jew in a possition he can absolutely not get without masschildabuse and Murder,the

Donners are for ages a Justicefamily,sabotaging and terrorising the country with laws ,and we have more of them

statesecretarys,senators,ministers,politicians etc they could not get without masschildabuse.

In 1962 the Jew Frits Bolkestein was Blackmailing all Senators in Holland already and had them in his pocket and was reaping me at 3

Years old, and my mother in the sauna together with these people shouting at me while they were beating us up and raping us that my

mother was a whore.The Senators were Blonde and about 30,maby Hans Wiegel can tel.

Maby I have to say again any Jew of any importance,because of their Cult,is a Big Time Childraper and Murderer and because of that a

terrorist of the worst kind,Any other Jew trys hard to become one.
Childabuse as Jews do it is one of the worst crimes that can happen,it also and therefore is the biggest disaster that can happen to a

nation.It destroys nations for generations.

And gives absolute power to the raper.It brings Nations in a state of eternal War.
Eternal Fear in Peace and in War.Children will be terrified for Life,although they try to smile with use of al their might,because they

wanted to bring happiness not a nightmare.
Also the Children have very big secrets ,afraid it will cost their family,the other Children and them their lifes when they talk.
Also they are from then on afraid and keep secret they are raped because the Jews made clear to them that when their own people find

out they are no virgins anymore,they will want to rape them too,only want them as whores then, or kill them,or nobody wants them

anymore.After these Crimes,Children have more fears than a supersoldier can handle.
This way they put any Country in deadly fear at Childlevel.

This is one of the reasons a Kid can offer themselfes to a Jew or nigro or semite,because it thinks no one of the own people want it.
This is only one of very ugly lifedestroying parts of what Jews and their Islamic freinds do.

Nobody can detect this as a rape,it looks like the Child itself chose for it.A very easy meal to any foreign Predator,esspecialy the

Jews and Semites,because these are the core people in the rapings,both use ritual abuse for power and lust.

This is how the life of a Child starts,in any Country,for many generations now.

An other one is Great Brittian was refusing the creation of Israel in the beginning.
So the Jews gave the Children of Great Brittian a special treatment and one generation later everyone was proisraelite.
Who rocks the Craddle,Rocks the World,is not just a saying.

What a Child can do because of what Jews did is for example kill 3 Babys in a daycarecenter in Belgium later in his Life.
This victim of rital Childrape by Jews wil never know why he did it,brainwashed.
A 28 Year Young Father Kills his 10 Months old Child,Motivation unknown.
Because Jews said own people,own Children are bad people.
Children raping and murdering Children because of it.As happened in Britain some time ago.
As happened in the US also.

Adults possibly even worse,killing Children and especial eachother,calling it almost normal.
5000 Youngones Kill themselves here every Year because of wat the Jews did.
So yes ,Jews can make someone to throw himself in a Tower with a plane.

They raped Prodi of the European Union.
They surround him and the top like jacals.
Plundering the EU,Plundering Countries through the EU.

Jews are everywhere importing foreigners as much as possible to wash away any resistance,to wash us out et all,to let us look at the

wrong cause,to intimidate us,to let them help the Jews raping our children,and control us.
By the way these same foreigners were and are abused by the Jews because they did not know what they realy can earn and what are the laws,so

they can earn extra on them.When the foreigner gets smart,they trow them in welfare and make them our problem.

They do this here in Europe from begin sixties.Now we are getting the Prize to pay for what the Jews did to us for decades.They

bankrupt many Countries with these kind of crimes.

In my own Country I tryed Police and Justice to tell what they had done to us.The result in the Year 1987 was that the Judge Mr Francke

in the town called Haarlem shouted that it can not be,because the Jews are good people and I am bad.
He threatened me Multiple times with killing me and letting me disapear without a trace as 1200 people a Year alone in my Country

do,raped me multiple times alone and with the help of policepersonel like Joop Smeets,an PoliceInspector in Haarlem.
Other times Policepersonel,even of my own race threatened to shoot me.
So no luck in Europe.We are realy taken hostage by the Jews.

Jews always done these crimes ,it is their lifestyle.
When they came 2800 Years ago,they were the real Faraos of the Afrikan Continent.
They plundered the Russian Area,and the Areas now knows as North Turkey,with the help of the Semites and Armenians.Wiped out the Hitites,one of the view races hat could stand

against them for some while,
Armenians ,I was told,are Jews themselves too.

Then they conquered and brainwashed the Romans and made them in a Worldterrorising force for the Jews.

Then they got a hold on the Spanisch population,this is not so known,but these ,like the romans,terrorised and plundered Europe for 300

We could get rid of these Creatures of the Jews only after they made us bad as they themselves were.And in 80 Years figting full of

hate we managed to push them back,killing 6 Million of them,among them many Jews.

When in Europe the Jews are raping and brainwashing the Children,they all get to hear how the Jews got back at “de Geuzen”and make them ,the Kids,

sorry for that their Antsesters ever defended themselfes.
When the Jew is raping the Kids al over the World,the Kids wil be accused of what the Germans did in their selfdefence against the

Jews,and following on that ,raped and brainwashed with this theme.

A little part of the Tortures for example is,sending us one by one in a darkened room.There are 3 young Jews,they must have been

between 15 and 28 somewhere.They pushed my naked body,whith the belly on a table.
One started raping me from behind,screaming”I fuck you to death”and such sort of language.
The other two standing on the sides had Phonebooks in their hands.Seeing the size of it in 1967,it must have been of Amsterdam.
They started to hit me,screaming I had to die,I had killed their Children,I raped their people,I exterminated them ,this kind of blame.
After that a door opened ,my Femal Jewisch schoolteacher from the Savornin Lohmanschool in Haarlem,stood on the inside and said to me

“we are the boss here”.
I had to go through the door toward a brighter room,there sat a Jew on a Couch,who shouted at me”whore,come here or I will kill you and

your family”
He abused me orally,sometime saying ” God,forgive for what I am doing”.

They fill our Minds with accusations about things we never ever did or done.
In fact they themselves are performing on us.
I can not even count the number of times Jews raped me ,while shouting about Childraper,Pedofile,Murderer and the like.
But it fulfills a purpose to protect the Jewisch race in the future agains histility and selfdefence of the nations.

When a Child is raped this way,by blaming it is a Childraper while raping it.
That Child can later never say to anyone,you are a Childraper,or it wil feel fear of being one itself.
This silences everyone raped this way on a subconsious level.
I mean it takes a lot,to become consious of these kind of fears.
One can for example be in the fear of being this or that or..that etc.
Children are usually very afraid to be what Jews told them during rapes.
This demolishes life.

Because of these blames all the time during Childrapes,and how they do it, every man,woman or Child will always be more buzy feeling

bad themselves with feelings of guilt and fear than to accuse a Jew of it.

Anybody raped by Jews will be afraid for punishment upfront,if they would even consider to protect themselves against this race.
Because any thoughts in that direction wil give the pain and fear already present.It puts anyone in a Childlike and totally hopeless


If You studie Footage of Rice after She had Visited Israel,You can See the Fear sometimes when She speaks About Israel affairs.
Or get a Specialist in micromimic,to studie it.

Any brainwash they accompagny with torture and pain as cement and glue.
A Jew has only to raise his or her hand one centimeter later in life,and anyone ever raped by them wil have an attack of total

When a Jew,they often do,says a word that is used with brainwash and torture,one will again and again been taken out by the pain and

effects of this treatment.

They very..very often use words like pedofile,whore,rightwing radical and so on through television.

I bet they use now the frase “political correct speaking” during the rapes and brainwashes.
You should ask them Jews you now have about these crimes.

If You Connect with who ever,national or international,coworker,first make sure it is absolutely Jewfree.

Be warned You,your colleges,your family can respond proisraelitic due to Fears and Brainwashing.

When my father very very seldom made an angry remark about Jews,my mother defended them by immediately responding that he himself is a

Jew,because of his nose.This always worked.
Jews do much with brainwashing and giving us and every bodypart a bad name.And when they are done, Children usually feel worth nothing


You need to ask every Jew what exactly they did to the Children,what Brainwashings they became what they told them ,how they did it,all

in good detail and with which Kid,They change or adapt these technics according to their needs.because these details are very important

to heal the Children.
I believe the Jews rape the Children by status in society,to let them fulfill specific purposes.

The Children themselves can not help,because they absolutely forgot what the Jews did and wil remember sooner that daddy tatched

them,than in a hundred Years there was a Jew.In those cases there is double disaster for the victimfamilies.

A very black crime is the fact that Jews already raped our parents and forced them to rape their own children,us.
This already goes on for Hundreds of Years.
So when the Jews who all know this fact rape us or our Children,they start to question the Child somewhere in the proces.

About with whom it ever had sex or saw a Dick or had to suck on something.This will be taped.The Parents,one at a Time will be invited

at the Policestation ,by Jewisch members of the Policeforce of course ,and hear the tape.They will be beaten,raped,told how bad they

are and from than on they have to pay Money every Month to prevent Prosecution,not to the State but to the Jews.And have to

perform,together with their Children from then on as Prostitute at JewParties.This happened to My parents and their Children,me.

So they blackmail every year ,hundreds of thousands of familys and parents in every Country,damage

them for life and get a huge profit and power of it.

This tells You,every Single Person of Your People in any Country where a Jew is is blackmailable when they have Children,esspecialy in

the age 6 to 8.And byond.

So get rid of the Jews near Your Children.

An other concern is the fact Jews rape us for Centuries now.This can give them an superiority over us on a fear and mental level.By

trying to make us feel guilty or trying to make us frigtened.It could disturb research.
If You are supceptible because of rape,you wil not even be aware of the treat they did,you only do not know anymore what it was you

wanted to ask or do.
So write down your questions before you go in,and check afterwards if you asked all of them,for example.
Never be alone with a Jew,not even you,strong FBIofficer.
When one is raped as Child he or she wil always respond as Child to the threats a Jew or Semite commits,this will take you out for

The change you are raped by Jews,Semites,Negros is as good as 100%.So for securityreasons you better asume this is the case.
They Worldwide use the Schoolsystems for this purpose,so any change of not being raped is very ,extremely very low.

Film any interaction with Jews,for feedback.
Or let yourself and Zour team being guarded by someone specialised in ritual Childabuse.

You look at the wrong place,you search for bombs and grazy foreigners with bombs.
You search for them abroad,but they,the Jews since the 1830s and they try now to get the Semites in as wel ,are already there and doing

what you fear.
Europe went down the drain already.

The raping and brainwash of the Children,that is what the Jews and their Semitic collaborators are after.
That is the entrance to take over,enslave,plunder and exterminate populations.
They already commit Terrorism by Childrape,this way they took over any Country in History.
No Army,no Warhead they ever needed for Worldpower,only the Ass of the Children,so they do it.

All the big powers you learned were something ,also in history,were no more than Slaves of the Jews,doing what they wanted.

Look at “anti rightwing radicals” Natives or own people often accompagnied by Foreigners.
Reseach if these are raped by these Foreigners,or Jews.
It is possible that danger comes more from anti rightwinggroups/activists than anything else.
Because they are the ones silencing a Country more and more out of fear of Violence by these groups.
Exactly how Israelites like it,who always are ruling the Policeforces and States.
Are anti rightwing activists maby fed with data from States,Government or Policeforces?

Ask the Jews You have.

Look behind you where they already are committing the worst terrorism a nation can get,they,the Jews and Semites are reaping your

Children en masse.Your Country will because of this go down the drain,become more and more in the hands of these coreterrorists.
Like it already happened in Holland ,Brittain and Germany.The whole of Europe.
No power here to defend us any more.
If one here says something about it,he wil immediately be called a radical,racist of given any other bad name they can hang on .
Or they say it is not democratic.Not Human,not Christian etc.
Or they rape or kill.We have a Tap every second time we pick up the phone.

The Jews organize masses of North Africans to come to Europe to wander around here.
Because this are North Afrikans,it is extremely dangerous for Europe to have them.
For 2800 Years now they collaborated with the Jews in Raping and enslaving Europe.
Also it is higly likely the Afrikan Governments get rid of political opponents,their Criminals,and Sending Soldiers for the Sake of the

Israelites,to supress,rape and wash us away.
Therefore Israelites organise to let Islamites in also.This wil be with the Afrikans not different.
Who wants a Chief of the Hutsi,who broke Heads with a klawhammer?

The latest Moral Gadget these Jews gave us Worldwide is the term “Politically correct Language”
Just an other way to tell us to shut up and listen ,only listen and obey.

The Media all over the World through all channels is bragging these words again and again.
Only Jews can organize such an international clockwork.

Every part of Civilisation,of society,services,money is a dangerous weapon in their hands,they make it one,no matter what you do to try

to get a life.
They use every means to manipulate,they use the civilisation itself and its structures as weapon against us.
They use ourselfs against us.
Nations against nations.
They have in every Government a ShadowGovernment.
They are also in Turkey,working like everywhere through the Lawsystems.
In China they are spotted.

If something happens,they can wash it away up to the highest regions.
For example my mother killed her 10 Year old Daugther to get her out of the hands of the Jews.
I happen to know what life under Jews is,so this was an act of compassion.
The Jews organised the disapearance of the body,in such a way that nobody kan find data in society about her.
She never existed.

And with the waepons of State law and Government they let us be killed and attacked by people of our own race,own flesh and blood once.
Be killed by own secret service,police,or the same institutes but as shadowservices of the Jew and bz Jews themselves.
Here 1200 people a year disapear in a way any mafiacrimebilliondollarlord would be jaleaus at.
The missings are a big mystery to the policeforce.

Did not research that,but I bet it are Parents who said something.
Parents with Children between 6 and 8 Years old.
Parents who are Blonde or do have Blonde Children,Jews somehow take an enormous intrest in these Kids.
There are other ways one disapears.

More than once I and my family had to perform at ,I call it Jewparties.

When we have Carnaval,where everyone drinks his brains out for a week,then the Jews will have their Carnivale.
These are gatherings of many thousands of Jews,Any Age is Present.
This is a day or week were in my family and I were shit under ,screamed at ,tortured and raped at more ways You can imagine.

On one of those occasions I saw a Boy Fucked to death by a Horse.
They killed and slit open the horse,and let disapear the boy in the stomach ,between the intestines,after they had empaled the boy on

the hard getting dick of the Horse because it was dying,and shouted some more at the death body.
I assume it had to go to a animaldestructionbuziness.

You can ask the New Jersey Jews about such gatherings.
Also all Jews in my Country are glad to help you to answer all questions you have.
Like the clan Polak,Mr van Agt,ex premier Lubbers,Moscowicz.Job Cohen,Major of Amsterdam.Ed van thijn,major of Rotterdam etc.

Please spread this info to any other Country in the World,including China etc,to prevent Terrorism.Make sure the Jews are not

sabotaging this.And the Semites of course.
Warn every Country that has activists,terrorists,let them search for Jews to ask them a view questions.

Oeps,do not reviel my mailadres,will you?Do not even give it to Your superior before You are sure it is not a Jew and he is not in the

Hands of a Jew,ask and check regularly after the woman and Children of your colleges.Not even when there is a Jew in the Building,will

You?And Semites of course.
The only reason I tell all of this is because I want to live,not to die again.

Check the schools where the Kids of your colleges,coworkers are and if you see Jews there,you can ask them a lot of questions.
Jews at the police or FBI is of course a very bad choice,or did I say that already?
You can at least ask them some questions,thats not to much asked is it?
Be aware to make sure if you send this,or about this subject,that reciever is safe,in a safe environment.Because due to the nature of

their cult even the JewPostGirl is an fully blown threat to any life.

When Jews try to blackmail,just return the blame because in the end the Jews themselfes did and caused al of it.
Always be aware of this truth or else they could find an entrance to corrupt you or cowokers.
When a Jew trys to blame,it only tells itself the crime he or she committed him or her self.

This is a truth.Because when they rape Children,the Children get accused by the Jews,Semites do it too,of the same Crime they

themselfes are commiting at that same moment to the Child.
This is very effective,later the Child can not accuse,because it immediately start to think,”I am the same”.This while it is innocent.

This is very effective.Blaming an innocent one while one self is committing the crime.

This is a way of acting one can see a lot in Society,I call it “childraper-mentality”.

Take care,the Jew woman is at least equal to the man in committing crime against humanity and your Children.
Perhaps even more dangerous because of the fact the woman is stil in the taboecorner of beeing “the poor innocent angel who needs all

the protection in the world against bad man”.
Say nothing about my mam,and so on.
If you ever hurt my daugther ,I will…..and so on.

A Question you can ask to see if one is Raped by Jews could be telling to one” I am Good,a Jew is bad,see how one responds.
Say ,people are bad people and Jews are good,how one responds.

Tell a bunch of Kids byond the age 8,I am raped by Jews.Make sure they do not Kill you.
They can panic byond control.

If one is brainwashed you can check this by saying “someone wants to hurt the economy,or the country,or the State,or the trees,or the

If one offers to shoot the mentioned one,this one is brainwashed by Jews.

If one knows what the Jews Brainwashed Children with,it is peanuts to let such a victim kill anybody you point out to them.

Here they killed Pim Fortuyn with these techniqs.They must have told Volkert van der Graaf,Pim Fortuyn wanted to hurt the litlle

defenceless animals.
This crime must have been committed by Frits Bolkestein,Donner,the bunch that holds hostage the Queen,such Clans.
The surroundings of the Queen are loaded with Jews.

Ask the Jews about the Murer of JF Kennedy,it is in all facets a Jewcrime.No Cubans,no Mobs,who only are heavily raped Children.

Jews will kill any President,Judge or other Person,who is a threat to their powersystem and in almost any Country.If they can not get

into Your Country,they will attack endless with use of the power of other Countries,and endless badmouthing and suspiciousmaking.

And never stop until you to are a beautifull democratic,eachother on daily basis the stroathcutting Country,where they rule in black


I did not mention yet,even organised crime is the result of what Jews do to the Children.

Children who feel rejected by society and own people because of Childrape by Jews,can turn criminal and start to live until a bullet

stops them,a variant like one drinks and waits for dead to come, after Jews were there.Or Suicide because of the same reasons.Not


What Jews do to us as Child often gives as result a Society where people behave as activists,very dangerous activists.
No matter what the subject is they were brainwashed with,they will even kill their own family,so why not you and me?

If I tell Children who were raped by Jews I have a woodoven,they responded furieus and loudly rejected this.
They were raped to protect the Trees.

This way Jews set us up agains each other,the one fights for the state,the other for freedom,the other for abortion or economy etc.
With deadly force.They are knows to kill even whole nations of,if I may remind the history of the World.
I remind Islamics,Christians,the Romans,The Spaniards,the Moren(the Moors),al deadly forced ,led by and out of the Hat full of tricks

of the Israelites.

Jews divided all Countries where they are in Provinces,States.In every region a Jew Clan rules over us.
Usually these are the most Rich and powerfull important Jews one can find in the region.
Their familymembers are usually in very good high or wellpayed positions,preferably with a lot of power.
Prosecutor,major,state,services,as the boss.
They also use the religions as instrument of supression,there you will find no God,but only dead and destruction of your nation and

Children.They themselfes brought us these religions to stabilize power over us.

Religions like islam and Christianity are brought by Jews to brainwash ,stabilize and control areas they conquered,or sneaked in and

took over behind your back ,and when you notice it its to late.

I do think You need Your Soldiers at home and for sure found the Terrorists You where looking for.

The Terrortreat the Jews sold us,they only use in all Countries to silence the people themselves,to supress us and have even more

rights and possibilities to silence our selves,our own people.
We went silent more and more because of this,no one here can have a phonecall and not be taped,happened to me 5 times.
I am no terrorist.

Bullies at the schoolyard.First look for Jews ,man or woman at school,ask them questions,then look for the Parent of the Bullie,You

should at least find a Jewisch Childraping Woman.Woman more often force others,Sons or Man to rape ,intimidate a Child.The Plus for

them is they never did it of course,and can even better blackmail their surrounding neighbourhood and own family.In any way it counts

as a Hit for the wanted 40 on her staraccount,in Jewisch Cult.TerrorCult.

A short wile ago a Jewisch JusticeProcecutor from the Clan Hamelink,dictated five policeofficers of my own race “to learn him a

result…they stormed the house of a 65 year old neighbour,kicked in his door.Have beaten him up,raped him,treated him on pepperspray.
A 65 year old litle man,who does not harm to anyone,only had a big mouth,knew the law better as this Jew,so she had to retaliate by

sending five, in their own childhood by Jews raped Policeofficers,who did not hesitate a second in it.

I had a likewise experience with the Judge Francke,we argued,he lost the argumentation,I was right,he was wrong.So he reaped and

threatened my life,again.

A Jewisch Childraping Policeofficer in Haarlem,when I was a young one,was afraid that I could see wat he had done.
So he dictated the People of my own race,some Christians also”you have to learn him a lesson,or we wil come back and finisch him of and

you too”.
Result…I was beaten and raped until the next morning,by every man ,child and woman that was present in the bar.

The “you have to learn him a lesson” The Children learn when they get raped by Jews.
They all get little forks and have to stab one Child to kingdom come.
Sometimes the newspapers report incidents where in youthcarecenters or the like,a child is stabbed with needles or like,by other

The Kid,in a wheelchair,here in Holland,was stabbed by other Children 200 times with needles,al 200 were present when detected.They

never checked if a Jew was around.But these kind of crimes,when not directed by Jews directly,can occur by association.
Or the victim did,said or shows something that triggers the behaveior.
Could have said some about Jews,no matter what.
So everybody ever raped by Jews knows what it means when this is said,so the five policeofficers and the population of my own Country.

Here,where I life now,I have been raped at least five times,thats what I remember up til now.By Jews,later accompagnied by

Foreigners,Semites,Serviers,Azerbadjani,Kozovars.More than once kept me drugged with heroin and other stuf for days and raped me for

days,day and night,just like a open house for any scum in the neighbourhood,under guidance of the Jews again and again.

Heroin gives a feeling of warmth(warm feelings) later with the raper,a feeling of friendship,that is …as long as one does not

remember the crimes.
Herione gives a feeling “no one can hurt me”,this while some are however doing extremely damaging things to the victim.
This also can make an rape or crime experienced under influence of Heroine go by as any other day.
This is bad.One does not realise the danger and damage one is in.

Anyone in lower classes who is or more intelligent or has the truth on his side,or just finds some false info in the statements,or

knows,understands the meaning and purpose of the law better,can better not say anything about it to a policeofficer,a Judge,and

esspecial a Jew or a brainwashed Person.

One of the very big advantages for Jews when raping us as Child can be a lifelong connection of friendship based on devotion for the

Jew and their brainwashings of course.They wil kill anyone whomever a Jew points out to them.

Esspecial civil,police,military servants in Governmentduty are very endangered to become a weapon of crime in the hands of the Jews,who

mostly and usually rule every Government on Earth.And use this damage by Childrape,because on purpose they brainwash the Kids with the

“us and them”hostility.This gets active when one gets a member of the named services,they,the Jews, specialy brainwash us as Child

concerning the Law State and Governmentpart.

In my own Country I can not go to the police,the Judge.Tryed all several times,didnt work,raped me,and harrassed me for life.
My Parents never went to the police after whatever crime,now I know why myself.
Often they tryed to kill me,from when I was a Child on.My Parents and Kids Fled more than once and hoped they could not find us,they

always did,internationally did,shouting at my Father ” we want our whore back and that boy too”.
Everybody in Europe is held hostage in own Country by the Jews.
Europe is no more in this stage , than a ChildwHorehouse for the Jews and Semites and Negros.

So I can only hope you will make the difference.
If you happen to shoo the Jews out of the Country,That is no solution,you can expect to get back someday a warhead,saying greetings

from the Jews.
Jews never allow selfdefence,they always retaliate.
How they got the whole World to stand up against Hitler for example is one of their works.
The bloke discovered their crimes and see what Jews are capable of doing.

You can see for yourself,walk up to any Jew and say to him…”I do not want you”.
I bet the one turns agressive immediately.If possible he will rape you.

I just saw your most wanted terroristlist.
Can it be all are already killed by Israel and their legacy and faces are only used to bend blame,while Israel is doing or

ordering,organising the terrorism?

And the Israelites are so ..sooo very good at giving you al the time info,even before something happens,sometime many years before like

terrorism is coming,this is also with warnings of political,future and crimeexspectations in any Country the case.
When wil they be suspect number one?

They are brainwashing our Kids,so of course they know the future!
I claim all rewards.

Jews fight their Wars in peacetime,behind our backs,and actually right behind our Children too.
Immediately after the second Worldwar they came back ,en masse, and started raping and brainwashing everyone in Europe,Children too.
Killing any opposition all over Europe.
Killing,raping and blackmailing their way to the top,as it is now.

I strongly beliefe they organised the Cold War also,to better take us hostage and plunder us,without interference of bad people like

communists who possibly wanted to be good for the people.
Thats because they exterminated straight after the War all LeftwingPolitics.
The US used that advantage too,to help their own economy up,we are still paying the price for this Jewisch kind of help.
I think they collaborated with industry in the US,to take all profit out of Europe.
But maby they also are industry themselfes so maby it comes to the fact it is only a JewProfit at the end,or were the Jews not the

onlyones who got the most out of it?

And did the Cold War not cost you a huge amount more than any profit We paid the US gave?
I think with Jews always the problem is,Countries,Nations get the blame and the bill,and Jews the profit and Honour.

But you can ask them a lot of questions,hurry before all older Jews die away and can not tell the tail anymore about their heroism

against us.The Feinsteins might know about Kennedy and the War.About Childrape for sure.

An other point of danger is the fact that the Jews helped Obama in Administration.

A Semite!
The same time the Feinsteins left no occasion go by,without letting the whole World know” he is ours…He is from our stable…we

brought him in power.

I wondered why the Feinsteins with all their Islamterrorwarnings did put a Semite in Service.
If some one is panicscreaming from at the beginning about terrorism,I recollect this were in any Western Country always the Jews.

I assume the Feinsteins were getting out the message to the Semite World,not to us, with Obama,so the Semites would think the Jews are

their Friends.
And maby make it possible to infest the US with Semites as they already did with Europe.

Be warned,this could be part of an exterminationpolicy they work on.
The more Foreigners the Lesser political power for the own people.
The more dividedness the less one can do.Jews call it Democracy.
Especial foreigners of the Afrikan,Semitic,Asian part of the World are very dangerous.
Jews are using the collective power and collaboration with the IslamReligions also.
They will come and help rape and supress the Nation as they do here.

It could happen they plan to make Europe Islamic and make Amerika their new Headquarter.

They did it before the War also,they always raped us.
In 1933 they used my mother at the age of 8 years to try to get rid of Hitler.That did not work,and Jews were arrested for that.Because

of that Hitler found out what the plans of the Jews were.So they came on top of his hitlist.They are Terrorist number one on My List

Can you blame Us?

In about 1968 they used me to kill Joop den Uyl,a Dutch Premier,that did not work well,but from then on they at least could blackmail

him and plunder and rape us more than before.
An other Jew weapon is boycot,no feeding,no care.Used through all times against any Party,Country even Babys to make them docile beyond


In 1933 the Jews organised a Worldwide boycot against Japan and Germany.

When I put You and your Family in a corner without drink or eat,I would like to see how long it takes before you attack me,you

will,thats for sure.
They forced many people into Christianity,taking all they have and one could get some but first one has to become Christian,a servant

of the Jew.

They did everything to pull Europe into War,but did not plan massextinction for themselves,but for everysinglebody else.
They selfes came into the picture,that was a glitch in their plan.

So if you want War take a Jew,and soon you have more enemies than you can handle,even or especial in own home,country and loved ones.

And You had War,..with Japan and advice of a Jew is maby not so healty.They always take the profit,the good name,and you

always get the bill and the blame.

You even almost had an Atomic War ,when the Chinese found out the Jews tryed to use the Amerikan People to Boycot China,they got

Allbright the message that when China would be boycotted it would retaliate with Warheads.
China does not know Israelites had planned this action.So again,blame again for the Whiteys,and more danger for sure.China doubled its

DefenceBudget not out of thin Air.

The same way They pulled all the World into second Worldwar,and Worldwar one was a part of their exterminationprogramm already.

You must understand Jews are nobodys friend,at end they wipe out any race.They are Gods chosen people they state in their bible,for

them it is serious,a for us deadly serieusness.
Thy are the one and only heir of Earth.This means they think we are on their territory.
They claim Ownership of any man ,woman,and especialy Child on Earth,no matter what Race.

They use and wipe out at end any race they find.

You must understand they are only out to get You into trouble on purpose,they live their lifes and prey on us by making us hate and

fight eachother.

Almost no Human alive even knows ,the Bible and Christianity are brought by the Jews.
Nobody knows Europe existed out of thousands of Tribes,all wiped out without name ,without history.
They will not be nicer to anybody they call their friends.They call everybody their Friend.

Jews are because of the ways of their Cult in fact hardcore sourcepsychopaths,Icecold calcuting profitmachines.
Causing desease and destruction everywhere.
I know them from very close for 50 Years now.

Some told me the Jews live on our Sorrow.It seems to me,it is….it realy is.

By the way the last 10 Years we have a lot of new viruses ectera,the one after the other.Everything that lived in peace on an animal

far away,seems all suddenly like to kill us.
Ask the Jews what they do with the DNAscience?
Because if one is always trying to commit massextinction,it is a Jew.
First and second Worldwar were only a part of it.
Stabbing Dutch Dikes in 1953 also.

Trying to get power over Russian Warheads also,a view Years ago.
If Russians had not disturbed that ,who knows,maby some Grazy Islamite would have blown New York to pieces instead of with Planes.
You may thank them.
I suspect this is a reason why Russia got trouble with the Pipes,not sure however.But I know Israelites due to their Nature always

retaliate when one does not want to get Raped or Exterminated.

Desease like AIDS.when it first came ,anyone immediately thougt,isolate and check anyone once a Year.the desease would have been

conqered long time ago.
Nowadays everybody has to be afraid of everybody,will he or she end my life.

The World Healht Organisation adviced to do nothing.One can say Yes WHO go kill yourself hey.
And as Country take Your own measures…This did not happen.
No Country responded caring for their people.
Ask Jews if they have something to do with these disicions?
And why then,for example the US was not forbidden to defend their people.
Is this new Jewheadquarter for the next timebeing?

It seems very strange maby, I ask these questions,but there might be a Crime against Humanity,committed by Jews and the Katholics,using

the WHO and this religion,because all of them could have a motivation.
Jews particular for controlreasons,and the Churches because of brainwashed for Ages and now have their own purpose in it ,like

power,status glorie,and members.
AIDS is a desease Jews and Churches could have thought would scare People back into Marriage and the Ways of the Churches.

They maby did not recon the fact that because of what they did to us ,we,and most Youngones life a life of ,I do not have a purpose I

love anyway anymore and live without acknowledging dangers,what the heck.Just live to die any moment,the Rapes of the Jews and the Cold

War threats during 60 Years gave us that Spirit.Some Generations got lost because of this in sex,drugs and rock and roll.
Not even having a future idea or plan anymore,just living by the day.

But however,besides all this,the Jews and the Churches maby could have had an extreme influence on the dicisisons the WHO and the

Countries made.All in Jewhands.

It could be in Your interest also,because when they do it here,what are they doing at Your place in the World then?

Why can any AIDSnegro from Afrika jump in a Plane and come giving us AIDS without defence against it?
They are reaping the Children in Afrika to be safe for AIDS,so any Kid gets AIDS.
I dont want immigrants and refugees from Childrapercountries,like most of Afrika,the Balkanregion,the Semite and Asian parts.
They never stopped raping us in all 2800 Years.

Balkanregion,also hardcore Childraperpeople,walk here with 3 man and a gun in search for young ones.
Marokans the same,most with five,searching for the same.
Turks the same,individual or together,force themselfes even in the houses,treaten Family,rape Children.
And more ,even the Azians come and do raping.
There is no Bordersecurity for this,like the US has got.
Any Country is an open wound for these kind of people,deseases,AIDS,attacks from any hooligan that has got a bad day.
This does not match up with the panicpolitics about Terrorism in Europe and the World at all.

This really is Terrorism if I am not mistaken,and importing huge shiploads of these people on a dayly basis.

The European Union,once designed to prevent any other War,any poorness that could give War,now this itself is making us poor,taking

endless ships of money,feeds us with endless hate agains all foreigners and Jews that rape us on a dayly basis.
Now the EU itself is killing us.Wiping us out.
But hey,as I said ,they raped Prodi.So I know who rules the EU in reality.

Turning everything that is for Humanity against every Human is a speciality of Jews.

Also Laws,for instance they designed a Law that forged to proofe Big Time Criminals where and how they got the money and the

possesions.Some 20 Years ago now.
When a poor Citizen forgets to fill in his tax form,he immediately gets and harassed by Servants and is put under this Law.
Proofe Income for example,where the Taxservices know better than the Citizen what income he has got.

A Citizen in the lower incomeclass does not even have the means to proofe anything,there is just not enough Money to pay for.
So the Taxpayer becomes completely Outlawed and Government and State can do what they want,no defence possible.
Also since Years State and Governments make it as good as impossible to Kontakt the proper Adresses to solve problems.
One of the tricks out of the PurgeryClan since 1991,Hoogervorst and his Gang.

Soon after they had layed hands on Joop den Uyl and his Government,Jews made sure the Gasexploitationprofits of Holland went in their

own Pockets.
They made joop den Uyl make a contract with Frenche for 30 Years for a price much to low,the Jews on the French end and Dutch Jews

splitted the profits,and helped create Israel.

Joop den Uyl himself would never have done this,and for 30 Years.

I believe Israelites are et all interested to get their Hands on Riches like Gas and Oil,and could use the kinds of blackmails I

mentioned to get more and more of the Property of the People and Country in their Hands.

It is a very amazing fact,I know Jews to let no Country have the Profits they Earned,they always take that away by

Industry,Prices,Blackmail Governments and Presidents.Why then Saudi Arabia can keep their Profits?
Why does Israel directly or also by using force of other Countries leave This one alone?
What is the profit of that in the Middle East for Israel?
Do and did they pay for the Atomic Weapons Israel got?
Is Israel leaving in exchange the saudis the profits?
Why are they secret friends then?
How do they match in terrorism then,did Bin Laden not come out of this Country?

In the European Union they suck away the money by making it possible for Countries to get Subsidised for what ever,or

damagepayments,and split the profit after the Countries recieved it from the EU.

This way Egypt gets damagepayments for its lost treasures,and they split the profit with the Jews.

This is the more a joke,because the treasures the Egypts think they are owner of is not true.
Original the Jews Themselves are the owners,when they ruled Egypt 15.000 Years ago.

When the climate changed,they found other,more profitable regions to pray on and left.

Left the sucked dry slavepopulation behind,who took over the left Civilisation and filled the empty spots.
The nowadays Egyptians.

Like we al do,we are born in a Civilisation that already exists,are told what is the truth and history is ,told what to do,and live our


Their exterminationpolicy,killing em softly one could call it.
They created our Civilisations,all around the World.Gave us Laws and Rules and how to survive them,by obeying absolute or be killed.

Thats why one can find their Pyramides on any Continent.
There must be one near to the South West of the Pyrinees.
Somewhere in the Tjech area one is Found berried under a layer of Earth.
So they gave us,or better and more true ,they forged their civilasations on us,take a look in any Historybook or lesson.

So they gave us Civilisation as we know it,also the Kings,States and Lawsystems.
But a difference.We live by the name of the Father,they by the name of the Mother.
This way they can breed ,expand and kolonise every Country at fast pace.
Jews send their Daugthers after the Man in the VictimCivilisations to Mary them and get Kids.
These woman are normally total superior over the Man they Marry.Are the Boss.
From this position they lay a basis by rape,Childrape,Blackmail.And as I discovered to Prostitute the Children of the Won

Familys,Sons,Daugthers,Nefjes and nices,they prostitute every one ,these Jewisch woman.They usually push the Family into crime also.

They do this for their Jewisch clan.This way taking out a man that can not marry a woman of own race anymore,raising enemies,in their

Cult they are - full Jews - 100% Israelites,when born by the Mother,and as I noticed fully devoted to the Jewisch plans.
Raping,murdering,blackmailing the Family and surrounding neighbourhood.Strengten themselfes more and more and weakening also by these

crimes the native population.
Native populations wil at end just fade away without notice.The more and faster because they import huge amount of Semites.
From SemiteCountries and the Afrikan Continent.
I blame them for the huge loads of Foreigners in Franche also.Somehow the Israelites are also organising this.

It takes away power and control of natives at fast pace.
It is of Semites known that they are eiger to get political and religieus power and influence whereever they come.
To really fast take away any resistance against them,before we know what they really are doing here.Taking over in collaboration with

the Jews.It seems they are starting this up in the US also.

They,the Semites and North Africans work together with the Jews for about 13.000 Years .2800 Years ago they started again from the

SouthTurkish region .The Jews,Semites and North Afrikans(Morokans)started Kolonisation and Slavehuntings in the surrounding

region,Russian region,towards north Turkey,where the Hitites lifed.Those where enslaved and wiped out.

I believe Kaukasian Russians come from them,and it is just an idea but maby the Germans come from them aswell,because these already

were able to fight such a way they could push back the Romans as first Race who managed to do so,in the Year 4 A.C.
This fighting was not known til then in Europe.

To me it is clear why Russians do not like Turks,Semites,because of this history that went for almost 2800 Years now,except some

Here the Semites started also again raping and grabbing the Children and young ones.
I do believe Franche has got a same problem,because Morokans,known as Moors(Moren)wandered through Europe for 2000 Years in service of

the Jews.From them we learned the Word Murder-Moor-Moord.They raped and Murdered as the Semites did and do in Europe as ordered by

Jews.This because they were specialy brainwashed and tortured for this function.
The plan was and is extermination.This went on til the Europeans could turn them around 1000 A.C.
But however franche gets shiploads of these races a day on their shores.
Be warned these wil rape and turn the Children and Young ones also.
They do not just go sit there and scream for work,but turn society in a frightening ,Children and Young Ones raping and

supressing,Parents threatening Hell,as we have here already.
This is Terrorism.Maby Terrorism By Law,because much of the damage caused this way seems always protected by Law amazingly enough.
When some want to have protection against crimes,this same Law is not at Home.

Here we had a Harddrugsdealer for 7 Years,with more than 100 reports against them.
All Children and Young ones are raped multiple times before they reach puberty,after that the more.
Nobody home at Government and State.
Police is forbidden for more than 30 Years now to intervene.
But say something or fill in tax to late,drive 3 KM harder ,and all State ,Government and Law is awake as one Man and will destroy You.
If this are not Terroristsituations organised by Jews I eat a Hat.

For more than 1000 Years Europe was in the hands of the Jews and the Moren(the Moors).Semite,Afrikan,North Afrikan,Arabic Bunch.
The Army of the Jews,to take territory,and us.
The native people of Europe were bread by Jews for more than 1000 Years,our Children sold soon after Birth to the Semites,Arabs and

Afrikan Continent.This also happened in the Russian Sector,wiping out the Tribes and also one of the biggest ,the Hitites.
This Breading and selling of our Children started to end only in the 17th Century after,someone managed to get the Semites and

Europeans into War because of this.

But the Jews are stil selling and prostituting our Children,also in your Country.They select already at lower schoolage on the

schools,who will go to the JewBordels at Childage and later on to Bordels for own people.They also select who will serve them as

Privatwhore,my mother and I had among others that big carriereoportunity.

Or do You really think all the young whores You are seeing coming and going in endless streams come falling out of the Sky?
Pop out of the ground?No ,they are handmade by Jews at lowerschoolage.

at the end at age 40,she ,my Mother,was forced to clean the houses of the Jews,I do not think she was payed ever.
She had to do this underwhile they raped me in an other room of the house.
She cleaned many Jewhouses.

An other weapon of extermination,except War and poorness,rape and letting Foreigners in a destructive way,is the fact that Jews have

the ability to see at spot who is the strongest Mind in a Group of People and Children,these wil be the once who wil be attacked.

With breaking the strongest ,they also break al other who witness this.

So at the Childrapeweeks the Jews take the strongest Child of the group as scapegoat,give this Child most of the tortures and

punishments .And all others will break just by seeing it.

When You are with 10 other defenseless people and I shoot one because the one did not obey,You will,the others too.
Its easy to understand what happens in the minds of the Kids…..sometimes.

Because of this the Strongest of the native people will die at young age,or will be in such condition it will never ever be a threath

to even a Jewisch Child.

Because of this alone in Holland 5000 Children or Young Ones die by suicide,this are only the known numbers.
Most possibly the scapegoats the Israelites used during the Childrapes.
A lot more go in the selfside of society,become criminal,wil become patients for life in psychiatric and hospitalcare.
Also because all Children are forced during the rapes to use Alcohol,Tobacco,Heroine and GHB a lot wil get addicted and also repeatedly

abused by Jews and foreigners as happened to me.
They also give and inject us a lot of stuff,you have to ask them what, because I never got an answer,even is I asked.
But I happen to know it is also a lot of stuff not known to Mankind Yet.

This way the DNA,defense ,strength,awareness,numbers and quality of natives will fade away.

In fact about twohundred thousand of people every Year die because of their crimes,I only talk Hollandnumbers here, if You can handle

the fact,that before the Jews and their Friends came,we had no known Illness,every single Sickness and disability is brought by the

Jews.And because of what they do to us.

In South Amerika A litle group of people were discovered,never before contact with Society.They were 280,now 240 people.
Killed by flu,smalpocks and bad people.The mapuc.
Had no deseases before also.

A group of Negros lived their lifes,until a missionar ,a priest came,they started to get Ill and feel bad,unhappy.
The Shaman told to kill the Priest,and all became happy again.

I want to say the influence of a Jew or by a Jew destroyed person in the vincinity of an innocent will induce psychotic behaviour.
I myself witnessed the Spiritual dying of babys soon after Birth,every week they started to get more black and lifeless more and

more.One psychosis after the other was induced by parents and everybody else in the vincinity.
This already happens without torture and rape.
Keep as much as possible people away from a baby,from birth on especial.keep everybody away half a Year,to break these Cultural forced

behaviours.It Could help Your Child to at least a bit of damagecontrol.

Because psychological damage at babyage is very difficult to heal.

At least instruct a woman,and especial strongly warn a Jewisch woman not to hurt a baby,or torture and rape it.
They never heard the order they can stop doing it to their Child.
As I told about the knowledge The Justice and Lawmakers(makers and breakers)have about from Governments and Laws( read Jews) ordered

Childrape,they let us rot,throw us in Jail for it,earn their living on it,but wil not tell us we can stop raping our Children or help

us anyway.
An other example how the Israelites prey on our sorrow.

This is our heir brought by the Jews and their friends.

They also purposely bring deseases,like the Plague to weaken the resistance of natives.They did that in the 3th and 4th Century in

Europe.They imported Rats,not present in Europe before that time.
How to prevent disease from Rats themselfes they seem to know for more than 5000 Years.

Nowadays they inject our Children during the rapes with Muscletrauma causing substanses,they soon start to get trouble with their


They have a lot of tricks to luer,ilicite us into extincion.

A short while ago A Jew,a scientist of course, on TV said to a Public of international Governmentrepresants,Europe Will have in 2050

only half the population it has got now,and 3th World will be doubled and eiger to come all to Europe because of changing climate.

How does this Jew know all that,does he have a Cristal or so?
He maby knows more than he tells.
What are they injecting nowadays into our Children?

And look at it now ,isnt it a fact they already started coming for Years ,imported with shiploads.

One of the Jews Who caused this,Frits Bolkestein,I see my rapers on a daily basis on TV, said not so long ago on TV,the

Foreigners/Semites will be the biggest group in the Country in 2020.Yes ,he is the one who should know all about it.
He himself and his clan got them here and sucked money out of them.
Still shipping them here with shiploads a day.
They even invented an other term called “vergrijzing” ,Years ago now,first to take away any refusal of importing Foreigners.
Now stil used to make us afraid,that when we do not let Foreigners in we have to work till death do us part.

How then ,all other Countries and Societies survived and survive the “vergrijzing”,without import?
How do the Countries by the way then survive the take away of the workforce out of their Country,they must be long dead by now?

I was told “vergrijzing” was just a word invented to manipulate us,take away resistance.
Like “politically not cococorect speaking”….reccesion…unemployment….rightwing radical..semite…Islamterrorist…terrorist et

And be aware,also the word foreigner is used to manipulate when the time comes.

But beside that,what Jews never make us afraid of,the even more frightening number of Jewisch woman I see every day.
Also the Children of A Jewisch woman go as Full Jewisch because of the Mother,but are not registered by countingsystems.
These detect only the name of the Father.

I think when You take these facts in account every Country has a huge and life treatening problem right now.

I imagine most of Europe and the rest of the World wil in fact be Jewisch by 2050,the rest Semite.
You will never hear a Jew warning for that fact.
So thrustworthy they are also.

And be aware,these Kids of a Jewisch Mom do have at very young age already an fully developed criminal Mind,fully aware of the dangers

of Lawenforcement and how to be smarter,in fact also use the Law as weapon against Your people.Being the friend of police,or often

enough have a policeJew in the family,or know exactly how to behave as victim.
Mammy will make sure of that.

Every Jew knows a Jewisch Judge,policeman or even Secret ServiceJew to get protection.
The Sanhedrins,the Mossad wil kill anybody who treatens their way of life.

They already at young age rape,threaten,and blackmail people and Children.Use sexuality as weapon,and allegations of abuse and rape

against themselfes a means of income and power over even adult people,who run away,scared away.
Because who would beliefe You against a Child that says such things,no just run and keep away.
And this is the purpose of it,you never disturbing them again when they commit crimes.

I have seen a young Jewisch Girl bycycling by every day,always an other girlfriend taking home.
I happen to know these Jews rape the Kids at home,and let the Own Kids take them in from the rich fresh meat grounds,the schools.
This about Jewchildren,fullblown Criminals.

Usually people and Children of victimraces are to afraid to tel about rape,esspecial when it is done by Jews ,Semites and Negros.
Jews and their Children on the other hand use it as weapon,for power,income,blackmail,intimidation.
They sure shout,scream and blame about it.Al of our Kids know this,we did hear these blames a lot while we were raped by the Jews.

Children and people of our own race only tel sometimes,mostly not,when they are raped by one of own people.
And when they learn what the police also stands for,never again.They start writing to lawenforcements of foreign Countries,like me.Even

the Eu has got no adres or mail to report crimes,they cost us 5 billion Euro a Year,we get nothing back,only poorness and rape.
Jewwork again that must be.

You will not ever hear a Jew in all the World warn about this.
How come they do not seem to see the real threats to the World,and warn us about it?

They use childprostitution for instance to buy a House much cheaper as it is Worht at Marketvalue.Blackmailing the price down.

Because of endless incest,it is common among them that a brother and sister marry,these are CoreJews,Higher Class.
Because of that they weaken themselves.What they do then,is taking the seamen of the strongest of the Children they are raping in their

Mouth and spit it on the spot in the Vagina of their woman.This way strengten themselfs and weakening us.

Frits Bolkestein did that to me,he took the seamen I ejected while I was dying in his Mouth and spitted it in his woman.
Therefore I am told I must have a Daugther only 8 Years Younger than I am.

This they do for more than 15.000 Years now.They already did that when they ruled Egypt.
Taking the strongest people of a race,kill em of and strengthen themselfes this way,weaken us more and more.

They have an Primary Asiatic origine and are Maneaters.Some Jews like van Agt and Lubbers you can see it at,Asian/Egyptian

influence,Black Hair ,this are usuallz the coreJews.
And they are used to mix with whatever Genes they came across in the Centuries and liked,the rest they ate.

For instance they met the first White Europeans on Paaseisland.Those had in between the Iceages wandered of from Europe.
From then on the search for their Shenandoah started,they wanted more of us.

They mix by sending us their Daughters,to wipe out and take over all Races.
Sometimes I wonder how far they are with that already.

So mixing up with any other race,is especial for Israelites no problemo,they send out for that purpose their Daugthers,what comes out

of it,those are mostly used as lower and lowest class Jews.
So there are Jews of any Color.
But it sure makes them melt into the native people,prostituting and using them,taking over every generation more and more.

When the Last Iceage retreated they found Europe and entered it at the South of Spain,Andalusia.Causing instant death for any Leader

they met.Taking over and enslaved.

Dont get confused by the numbers,the Years.
It is the same like how the Indians of Amerika came to their end,first Adventurers and Golddiggers ,then the rest,more and more.
And like Irak,first a bit ,Years later the rest.

By the way like Israelites used Semites and North Afrikans as Soldiers to have power over and kolonize us,like it seems they are

planning to do again , the Israelites used us,Christian Westerns as Soldiers to Kolonize other Countries later on and Amerika.

They used the Romans for instance the same way.

All known history is infested with the sign of Jewwork , Jewinfluence.

The greatest threat and disaster Human Kind ever met.

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