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zaterdag 7 januari 2012

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Beware even Scientific Proof will not get You Safe because the jews who are evil and Criminal sourchepsychopats by culture mafiaculture preying on Mankind like jackals or bold vultures just wipe away all Evidence including scientist as they already did many times befor and loot and plunder on and on.

You Surely do have Experience already with jews who deny or disregard Logic and Evidence Sourches and Truthfull Spirit?

THAT IS to defy You to fight Truth and getting on having their ways with Us.
They also REALY DO have completely different souls and respond and see the World different than Other Human Beings.

This difference is Easily Learned by watching the differences between jewish and other commenters even pakistani ones over a period of time.They do usually not respond to reasoning and that are symptoms of sekt or cultraisings.

So only thing left then is Talk ABOUT them NOT with them. DO NOT believe them IN ANY THING.EVEN when speaking truths they time that to be profitable for them and damaging for Others.Draw OWN CONCLUSIONS ONLY with out them commenting THAT and Our Heads WILL STAY Much Clearer And More Sane!

EVEN jews as judge ARE a PILE of SHIT with an whole different understanding and only out to wipe You out and in EVERY CASE MOST CRIMINAL RASCIST out to earn as much as possible !

@Saggy the jews have a lot of bennefits and neccesities to persist in their holocoust lies and slander > it also is to disguise their OWN MUCH WORSE holocousts they commited against us !

They ARE False flagpeople what means they blame Victims of the Crimes they commit against Those Victims that keeps Victims quit and Falsely guilty.But as long as the Victim – they do that to Children too especial abusing schoolsystems and television – believes their slander the Victims REAL VICTIMS will be silent and Frightened … AND EVEN PAY…like prostitutes taken hostage by their pimps!
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Here We have a good samaritan ban ki moon who is Caught stealing a Trillion Euro from Us!
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Good to See the Fogs here already Discovered their brainwashweapon christianity that they brought 1 st century into Europe and called them selfes chrestiany krestiany krist or christians(krisna) and Us the White Fogs or slaves they called Us heathen and “after christianization – what simply IS Child rape to break Soul Spirit and Own Will Of Mankind – they called Us heathen christians like a sort of untermenschen secondclass Humans.Also Heathen is very likely derived from hitieten hitits of whom the last Man and His Woman were dragged out of their Hut and slaugthered by “fransosen francks” an already by christianization decayed people 800 years ago in north of what now is turkey for reasons of very christian deseast thoughts.The Hitits were the last People That went with GOD.

(Also Look into The late Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver, Professor of Classics at the University of Illinois His Works for the chrestianypart
# Beware Stormfront IS taken over by jews I Suspect!!! You Can Test Such EVERY WHERE Very Easily by comment some Sharp and Nasty jewcriticisms and See IF they Publish AND BY READING WHAT KIND of commenters ARE ALLOWED . As it is now only islamics AND WHITES of course as always are allowed to be smeared around no jews any more.But download the Reviro P Oliver Collection because He is a Very Good eighties Sourche Who then already Claimed about holocoust is a hoax and has got Some Remarkable Information on History)

And also they called Us jews up to 14th century where they robbed the Name they them selfes gave Us back to wear it them selfes as coats against guilt of their atrocities hidden in the Innocense of their Victims.As they now wear the holocoustcoat as hidingplace for atrocities they again them selfes commited against US and blame US for their evil.

The Story and problems with old Mankind of witch the asians or askenasi or nowadays known as jews were or are the worst is very old and a part is that they came with retreating ice age from behind the ice in the Iraki region from afrika 13.000 years ago where they were the faraos and intruded 10.000 years ago at Andalusia south of Spain with their slave armies and had Us enslaved and dragged away for thousands of years toward semites sumerians asia and afrika.

Their coming is in Our Myths Known as Ragnarok Götterdämmerung and Deluge.The deluge NEVER was a mass of water BUT a tidewave of darkness of utmost evil souls and behaviors that swallowed Us.Ragnarok and Götterdämmerung Refers to the Fact that GOD´s Creation ended and GOD died.Since then We had worlds full of crime rapes sins violence Poorness cold and death desaeses sorrows Fears hate wars and murder.All Trust Love Peace Beauty and Harmony gone.Or in other Words the World You were Born in and Know We got back for it.

It was Us who calculated and built the pyramids for them and also Noah as Moses were White People.Their Story is the Story of the White People NOT of the nowadays jews or in fact asians who also by DNA not even belong aswell in afrika as in Europe or middle east where We Lived up to beyond the Irakregion as Iran still was under ice.

The typo “Kaukasian” is Very Likely also from jews who found Us discovered Us in the Kaukasusregion.As ra(sungod ra) chist is theirs as fa chist is theirs as aryan is theirs and means pure nobel as swaktika is theirs a pakistani religious sunwheel or so.Even the yellow star is theirs and an 12th century old religious jewish measure to have boys from age zeven wear those colors.

Also the Story or better atrocity of Betlehem IS OUR Story where the asian or jewish king herod ordered the christianization of Bethlem by means of Child rape to break Our Spirits and Freedom and slay down EVERY Possible Upraising for ever in obedience and slavery by breaking Our Spirits at as much as young possible Ages up to Unborns.Besides rape and torture circumsizion is also one of those methods.

The biblic story of the Blood of the Lambs at the Doors as sign to escape the wrath of god(in Truth herod who poses as g-d since they as faraos already declared themselfes to be gods and owner of all Creation)who else would have them trotured slain and raped any way was a very strong eufemism for the Blood of the raped Children We had to smear on the Doors to show the soldiers We had bowed to the order.

Those atrocities they commited since then many many times through all ages usually described as “christianizations and crusades witchhunts and inquisitions prosecutions lawenforcements to break Resistance” and STILL We hear regularly about massrapes in Afrika but it is much more widespread and protected by law and their lawenforcment by just simply NOT Protecting Us against it when We are raped en masse by foreigners and other collaborators.ALL judges ALL prosecutors ARE JEWISH and ALL of them commited these crimes of mass rapes at Children at formost Campweeks and schooltrips.So there a Child can Not be Safe.And their soldiers ?….Try modern policemen instead of whom they have many jewish terrorcells in those forces also!

That is a method to berry Us alive in Our Own Souls and is an very very nasty state of NOT BEING worse than death.As they them selfes were berries long befor also the same way.One big compulsory behavior was ALL that was left of Mankind to be executed over and over again for many millenia with no Salvation Possible as the darkness was to strong for Any to Carry and Resist and every next crime it got worse.

Here is were that devlish christianity of the jews makes worst damage to gather Our truths and Believes and History OUR Stories And Sufferings and mix that up to them serving damaging works against Us instead of Healing and Helping Us any more at the same time making them selfes “the heros victims saviors shepherds priests judges presidents revolutionaries writers storytellers and marturers ” in All of Our Culture History Stories Realities and Truths.

Here also their psychopath fraudofabulousity and munchhaussen comes in again and again.Beware munchhaussen in no mental illness but a extreme cruel and criminal devlish psyche of a culture and very abundant in some of such cultures were you probably will have heard of pakistani who mutilate Children to can beg better? ALSO ALL initiationrituals ALSO Western ( ALL brought by jews as supressionweapon) are for munchhaussentype evil supression and abuse of Populations.

The social cutural religious and political ones all together.Even or maby especial where heros are honored!

Baptizing > a cruel ritual > in truth drowning Newborns and kill Them by suffication and then revive Them with absolute broken Souls as little frightened to death little humble slaves and instant stockholmvictims…a rabbi … islam and jew rabbi speciality who even intrude hospitals to can have acces to Newborns to rape and break Them.
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ONCE a Population IS broken by these ways ONLY a symbolic behaviour is neccesary to break Children and Populations again and again . The associations and triggered at Babylevel deepest unconscious Fears will force the People to handle and raise the Newborn with same consequenses as it would have been drowned.So It Will Grow up in an abyss of Emptiness and hostilities and forced to comply to laws rules violence and duties but will never experience Human Behaviour Acceptance or Love and Kindness.Banished rejected and whole alone!

AND THEN …. there IS the jew waiting at school and church …. schools and churches and academies they also brought since millenia and stood in Byzantium already to can collect the Children….to can steal Their Little Souls ALL of Their Love And Loyality at Kindergartens and school and groom Them with lies slanders deceits false teachings and false warreligions hateseedings and humiliations besides severe sexual abuse and even prostitute Them in between classes for years.

Forcing Populations to rape and reject Their Own Children is a deceit to can have All of the Population All of the Children Their Love and loyalities … AND MY GOD what do they abuse and suck dry THAT Souls And Populations!

Sourchepsychopaths by culture also they are! Living death or demons!

And WERE rolemodel for films like count dracul like vlad the slayer like the night of the living death like the mengeles and hitlers where hitler who was raised by the jewish betarmovement is a very deasant JEWISH name and present on several jewish tumbstones AND hitlerjugend also by following Consequense IS a jewish organisation!
End Edit
In Europe they also by commiting atrocities to convince kings layed their lawsystems up on Us as for example they mutilated the Woman of king karel v so demonic and severely that he went grazy instant and they could push him to accept their laws and punishmentsystems they abused up to today to supress extort treaten plunder and rob kill and exterminate Populations and became known under king karel v as the Carolinalaws what were extremely demonic and cruel torture and terrorlaws .

And have an extremely wealthy existance since then preying on Our Sufferings they them selfes created. They were also the ones that forced Us by law to rape Our Own Children to deliver Them as “good” broken slaves whores and laborers to the powers and industry.

Also their moneysystems they layed up on Us with any means neccesary as terror and plunder weapons they also abuse to throw Us into endless guilt to have Us chained with that also into slavery to them and is one of the reasons We are in afrika (Libia to prefent kadaffi set up an Own Afrikan Goldcoinmoneysystem) afghanistan for that oil and gold …THEIR OILBUZINESS and moneytroubles. We again will get no cent from it BUT bills again to pay including wardamages et all.

ALL drugtrafficing is theirs for millenia also ALL Human trafficing also.EVERY drug alcohol and tobacco addiction done by them drugging Children at Kindergartens Campweeks and at schools.We are as Mankind One big carcas and they are the butchers and costumers.

So NO GOD NO Religion NO Truths NO Value No Salvation in Such works.
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Aside jews have very high psychopathnumbers and munchhaussen and fraudofabulousiesymptoms ( to can disappear in a new story testimony life or identitiy with out memory) there als is an other sourche to create witnesses.> monarch and mkultra<

(It is for truhthunters an Idea to also Look into the Given Symptoms of Mental Syndroms including Helsinki and Stockholmsyndroms.

You will Recognize a lot of the habits and symptoms even in your daily politics and politicians…like the Fact ALL political agenda IS SET UP FAKE AND TRILLIONSFRAUDS.A munchhaussensymptom.

Simon said…

The holocoustwitnesses can after war be made by jews with monarchtechniques and role plays where in the Victims suggested to be in concentrationlagers.

Creating False Memories is a keypart in monarch to can exterminatie Real Evidence and Testimony or to set up against future targets by layers of False Memories over it and by the same time by torture destroying the True Information or berry it usually so deep it takes a horse to get it.

Most jews are indoctrinated any way
Simon said...
    The holocoustwitnesses can after war be made by jews with monarchtecniques and role plays where in the Victims suggested to be in concentrationlagers.
    Creating False Memories is a keypart in monarch to can exterminatie Real Evidence and Testimony or to set up against future targets by layers of False Memories over it and by the same time by torture destroying the True Information or berry it usually so deep it takes a horse to get it.
    Most jews are indoctrinated any way.
    Friday, January 06, 2012 10:53:00 PM
Precies áls Rusland verging Àls Europa en Amerika en Westerse Wereld Nu vergaan en áls de islamitische wereld ook zal vergaan!
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Try Post again with out it seems the ht-tp hassle…

Any One Interessested in THE REAL NAZI´s SSérs and beasts and lisa the lissards?

The Painfull ways of the holocousthoaxdemons –

Betarmovement of communist jews raised Hitler who happens also to be a jew.Google hitler+haplogroup for that.

When jews took over Russia around 1900 they have set up for that more than 500 groups like later in Europe they also did with such as menorah and betar and were 1920´s massively and fully active present in Germany and Franche.

Some REAL slavetraders
And google: The American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society Report of 1853

They also use wildlifeprogramms and Wild Parks to destabilise and depopulate Nations and exterminate Mankind

And some of the daily fun –

@Dietz Schnickelbauer December 2, 2011 – 7:56 pm
8 and 80 You deasant Human Writer?
Expect between ZERO AND DEATH and ALL in between as their rabbis by religion and culture rape and drown Babies to break their Own Will and Freedom! The chekaslaughters did not stop at the Russian Borders but reined for years in afterww2 in Europe also. Maby look if You Can Find some of the online autopsy reports and Fotos the Germans did make of 58.000 German Children Women and Men where the Babies also are involved of the bolsjewic slaughter of Bromberg that was commited to get ww2 started.

Also Concerning the Topic of This Above Article IS a Thought to Can Expect THAT EVERY TIME from befor 1900 till now every time they made holocoustclaims they WERE HOLOCOUSTING AND SLAUGHTERING THEM SELFES among the Nations And Mankind.

The about 1900 claims come together with the Armenian genocides.
The around ww2 claims with massive genocides in Russian German AND Amerikan Regions.And ALL after ww2 screaming about holocousts they were chronically them selfes holocousting and not ONLY Palestina.

Also Take a Look in the genocidefolders of jewwatch an realzionistnews.

Also the Fact has arrived they even abuse 3th worldmovements as discuise for genocides and atrocities.

in the sixties We had Biafra where 3 Million starved .It took more than 45 Years to Find out these were NO Biafrans BUT Nigerians driven out of Nigeria for the BP oilbuziness.
NOW We have 10 Million starving Somalis at hand >>>THEY SAY — BUT in All of afrika are at the moment massive waractions at hand again for oilsourches.Big oilsourches are found in southafrika and usa.I Guess Here als AGAIN it are not all somalis BUT driven away nigerians ugandese kenians and from some other countries as well. And isn´t it a convenience jemen and libia and that somali pirates were a such an evil whole of a sudden they had to be engaged???

Sorry only dutch artikle –

It seems EVERY war We are thrown in is a JEW culture and economy preying on Our Flesh and Souls.Since they came 2800 years ago to stay definitely after they were thrown out of afrika We had MORE than 32.000 wars.Befor THAT NONE and NOT ONE!
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Sorry @DanD Also the ku kux klan WAS JEWISH and just an other jewish racehatetool like mlk like mandela and more of such racial weapons as they now at the moment also produce in China and iran and also did in Libia and Syria .

Maby You remember mandela as racial hero of the “by Whites of course” supressed afrikan slaves? Truth IS mandela WAS a masmurdering terrorist who got 30 years(ONLY) for murdering hundreds of men women and children at trainstations with bombattackts and also inventor of the necklace…a burning cartire around the necks of the unwilling.

At the SAME TIME jews started 1900 the boerwars and after these wars ALL mines copper silver gold were theirs and they THEM SELFES introduces severe racial seperations…on name of White Fogs of course for they ARE the false flag and kristallnachtleute.

YOU are also raised in an racial seperatist system so defined and sofisticated you never all Life long will Recognize you are together with the negro the negro under jewregime in Own Nation and in Own Life.Where the schools taxes and academia are also racial separatistweapons next to chronically seeding Deseases and Poorness among Natives and other Non jewish Inhabitants slowly exterminating all Non jews and take over more and more each generation.TV and media newspapers and movies are ONE BIG LIE and help those demonic ways like they keep the holocoustlies alive for 65 years now. ALso MOST jewpeople are lied to from with out the elitekasts for millenia already and wander the Earth as much as long by religious and media deceit to fight and plunder loot and murder for their lords of never enough.

And a link how they even use Wild Parks and environmentall movements as exterminationweapons
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@Beretta then maby Target Students and academic students because they are the butchers for a lie and some bacon of tomorrow.Targetting Also the forgotten groups of officials police lawenforcements politicians in asmap Nations and China to learn Them Truths and Facts already Safed many Lifes and can Help Reduce stateviolence.
Lisa besides you are about the so maniest hundredthousand´s one who says to have witnessing familymembers about gassing you are the one that can answer My Question then of : WHY is not ONE autopsy report known to Mankind about one gassed Person even jew or non jew?

WHY weren´t there not dussens of such autopsyreports at the Nürnbertrails or at least ONE?

And is it not strange there seem to be more people alife  "and earning as usual"  that witnessed gassings as they seem to testify then there even where casualities in all war....AND ALL survived also those supposed deathcamps?

Please explain...

ALSO "As Hitler’s master plan became apparent"...IS NOT possible because 50.000.000 50 MILLION Researched PIECES of German waradminstration TELL AND TESTIFY there was NO exterminationplan and not was there ANY  gassings or mass exterminations by Germans.

ALSO the adminstration testifies NONE of the jewish claims to be true.

Besides that overkill of Proof also the IRC international red cross who had acces to ALL camps until END 1944 has got NO report about ANY atrocity or warcrima from German side during the war.

Besides THAT even EVERY Newspaperarchive in ALL the WORLD seems to have forgotten to write down EVER ANY STORY  about ANY gassings mass exterminations or German atrocities and it would have been frontpagenews.SO there WAS NONE.

@Andreas you must be the housefool here?


If Ayaan Hirsi Ali would have become President Here you would not hear Me complaining Because She was a Good Human Being what is the opposite of what We in holland have now at the moment for minister president mark rutte a Child molester who impregnated his oldest 12yo of the two daughters in his frizlcellar and she gave birth to a Son on aruba know ...from Natalee holloway joran van der sloot and the strange parties with youths and children?
Iran...what about Iran had jew BP drilling in 1907 already?
Was under jewamerican control during the cold war for decades?
And as it is in all nations with irak afghanistan haiti libia jemen and soon syria added to that  STILL under jewcontrol and all iran israel newsbrags are jewgame?

The racial tensions derived from it did industry of "some" much good already and treatening closing the strait of ormuz also is very profitable for "some" jewoilbuziness and weaponsindustry?

And beside that : WHY would israel sell plutonium from japan to Iran as they did toward china and south afrika if they realy would feel treatened?

War and suffering ( Our Sufferings) is buziness as usual to some gruesome "elite" cultures befor more known as nobilities!
Anonymous said...

    "The only places that you'll receive an accurate history lesson concerning any part of history is at an Ivy League University. Why do you think those places nearly exclusively admit elitist children only? You've got to be one hell of an intelligent commoner who has clearly demonstrated complete loyalty to the global elitist aristocracy in order to be an exception, i.e. Obama & Maddow."
    26 November 2011 17:24
Yea academy and schools et all as jewish racial separation indoctrination brainwash(monarch )and supressionweapon as they are overwhelmingly present at those locations  instead of Natives and are for 50% on False degree to keep the own numbers up to keep the racial upper layer under own power.
Since war We had in the netherlands no Native president I Guess every where else it will be no difference?
This explains the above 29 December 2011 07:41 some more

The Jewish Plan for Genocide of USA Whites

ISRAEL COHEN (1912) top of page

"We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

And a reality

Europeans hate Jews due to their slave trading

Polish scholar Adam G. de Guroswki, who travelled extensively in
the United States, wrote in his 1860 book Slavery in History:

The Jews were the common mediators and factors in this traffic (child slave trading), as well as the most extensive slave-traders all over Europe, both then (4 & 5th centuries A.D.) and in subsequent times; and a considerable part of the hereditary hatred of the European masses towards the Jews is to be ascribed to this historic fact.

Minister Farrakhan - History and Truth of the Slave Trade

And some 1943 jewish SS trainingcamp
"en als tweede is er geen fysiek bewijs"

Nog geen eens één autopsie van één vergaste Mens of nou joods óf ander zijds.Enkel veel geschreeuw al 65 jaar op de buis en de Peuterschooltjes thát is it. Als men enkel al de 58.000 weerloze Burgers die door joden gruwelijkst in Bromberg zijn afgemaakt gaat bestuderen hebben zelfs de Duitsen in oorlogstijd nog uitgebreide autopsieberichten van gemaakt.

Sja zo komen de Waarheden dan binnen druppelen....
@RonnyNaftanielop3 hours ago
Fotocollectie van de Joden die tot midden 1943 door de Gestapo getraind zijn in Gross-Breesen Duitsland

WAAR ÓM  hebben ENKEL de joden eigenlijk ALLE oorlogsmaterialen documentaties en fotos?

Dacht dat dát bij overwinnaars behoorde en niét bij arme kleine volkjes van beroepsslachtoffers en fakemartelaren van Christusvervangers?
By nickola, 01-01-12, 05:06 PM
I remember israel getting six subs from jew guttenberg defenceminister in germany and soon after that a South Korean Warvessel sinks by german torpedos. Depopulations they did Europe als with wars Poorness murder plunder and poisons.
People like this are abused by our dark nwo lords for racial Criminal purposes.Nelson mandela martin luther king and an albayrak and some chinese lady to raise racial tensions and hostilities and supress Natives in Their Own Nations.

It also is a very sure certainty he is Criminal and has a record like al did because such types are very collaborate and silent about the real purposes of their acts.Like nelson mandela had 30 years because he bombed a railroadstation and killed several hundreds of men women and Children.And mlk was an alcoholic serialraper with a record as long as a stockpile of toiletpaper.The chinese lady had housearrest for killing a partymember ... and so on our heavens paved with filth and crime.
Did doctor bub equate the more than 8000 years asians afrikans and islamics dragged Us from Europe?

And is the only reason black hair exists in Europe and the only reason portugese spanjards exist as damages by rape and slavery of Redhaired and Blonde White Europeans.

Also slavebuziness NEVER was a White issue other then being slave.Just follow the money and ownership of slavetrades and slaveships and You Know where the money and real abusers went.
@falco geheel de geschiedsschrijving is verdraaid en allerminstens ten voordele van de zich heden jood noemenden vervalst áls Óók geheel de geschiedschrijvingen omtrent de 2de wereldoorlog én wié WIÉ geholocoust geextermineerd HÉÉFT!.

De BLANKE Bevolking heeft van begin geen Kans tegen de askenazi alias heden joden gehad en werd tm 14 eeuw ZELF "de Joden" genoemd door die askenazi.

De joden brachten dat christendom zelf en misbruikten dat als Volkenmenwapen en waren en zijn altijd al ENIGE slavenhandelaren en vervolgers geweest ÉN NÓG!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011
Europeans hate Jews due to their slave trading

Polish scholar Adam G. de Guroswki, who travelled extensively in
the United States, wrote in his 1860 book Slavery in History:

The Jews were the common mediators and factors in this traffic (child slave trading), as well as the most extensive slave-traders all over Europe, both then (4 & 5th centuries A.D.) and in subsequent times; and a considerable part of the hereditary hatred of the European masses towards the Jews is to be ascribed to this historic fact.

En dat is nog maar een eufemisme want zelfs het katholicisme werd opgezet om de gelovigen tot ongeremde voortplanting aan te zetten te dwingen op straffe van verkrachting en moord. Menig Geliefde droeg zijn doodgeneukte Vrouw het Graf in waar door het Protestantisme ook Geboren werd.

De ritsen Babietjes en Kinderen werden door de joden naast misbruikt aan afrikanen semieten en elders verkocht.Onze 8000 jaar oude Blanke botjes werden laatst nog in China opgegraven dus dat gaat al een tijdje.

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